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Debris Warning Issued For SF Bay and Delta

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  • Debris Warning Issued For SF Bay and Delta

    Nasa satellite images from Feb 11th, 2017 above, and Nov 9th 2016, below show drastic changes
    in the inflow to the San Francisco Bay. The USCG has issued a warning to mariners about dangerous
    amount of debris currently in SF Bay, the Sacramento Delta and tributaries. With outflow in the Sacramento River
    above 100,000 cubic feet per seconds and tributaries like the American River adding 30,000 CFS after 5 days
    of dry weather, another increase is expected with rain in forecast over next 5-7 days. Caution is advised
    for mariners transiting water in and about the San Francisco Bay and adjacent waterways

    SAN FRANCISCO -- The Coast Guard urges mariners in the San Francisco Delta Region to exercise caution as river levels are expected to rise Wednesday evening.
    The National Weather Service forecasts rain through the week causing river levels to rise and creating higher tides and more rapid currents than usual.

    Boaters should watch for debris in the water as swift currents can quickly turn adrift vessels and gear into hazards.

    "It is very important that mariners remain cognizant of the hazards in their areas," said Lt. Marcia Medina, acting chief of Sector San Francisco Waterways Management Division. "Mariners should stay informed and aware of weather conditions and monitor the progress and strength of currents through their local television, radio and internet."

    Owners of boats and small crafts, including canoes, kayaks and paddleboards, are encouraged to secure their vessels properly and ensure they are marked with contact information in the event they break free.

    Boaters who observe marine debris, please contact the Coast Guard on VHF-FM channel 16 or at 415-399-3520.

    For further boating safety information, please visit

    The brown is coming down!

    The US Army Corp of engineers have two large retrieval vessels, but are a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

    A raft of eelgrass and hyacinth migrating westward

    image © Suzi Jacobs Beatie

    Another raft of debris west of Raccoon Strait

    image © Michael D. Moradzadeh

    Another hazard located near the Sisters over the weekend

    image ©Tim Van Raam
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    That's ALOT of crap.


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      More deadheads than a free concert in Golden Gate Park!


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        Originally posted by Dumass Head View Post
        More deadheads than a free concert in Golden Gate Park!
        Hey Now!!!


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          Time to coat the hull with "reed be gone"!


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            All that water charging under the gate will make for some fun rides to Mile Rock
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              The flood tide is no longer


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                According to the resident tide modeller Rusty Holleman who did some quick and dirty calculations, this is what's going on:

                There are several ways to look at this. If we look through data like this, the combined outflows from the Delta peaked a few days ago around 400,000 cfs. Dividing that flow by the area of the Golden Gate below the bridge (about 910,000 ft2), the velocity due to Delta flows is ... not that impressive! About 0.3 mph or 0.25 knots.

                So why do people observe much stronger effects? Because much of Central Bay and of course the Golden Gate itself is deep and what is observed at the surface is not the same as the currents 150ft down. The fresh water from the Delta is concentrated at the surface (it is lighter than the ocean saltwater), and so what you are likely to observe is a much greater increase in velocity at the surface, while velocities closer to the bottom may change very little.
                If anybody has observed the tidal surface velocities by boat, please report em here.


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                  Does the salt crystals slow the water down?


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                    Our instruments were showing close to a 7 knot current on the back/east side of Angel Island last Friday. With light winds we had to fight for an impressive 0.25 knots of SOG on that treadmill. Under the gate it must be insane, gotta be well over 10-15 knot currents there at times.


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                      Forecast for weekend?
                      All ebb all day?


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                        Ayala Cove, Angel Island.

                        Photo © Teri Pope
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                          Originally posted by Photoboy View Post

                          The brown is coming down!
                          The visibility in the water hasn't been this bad in easily 10 or 15 years.
                          Clean bottoms are FastBottoms!


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                            Louisa Pickering's photo from Saturday's CYC Marina... Full report and stuff to follow...

                            Saturdays Results
                            " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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