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Believe.The.Hype (RS Connect - inclusive sailing at its best)

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  • Believe.The.Hype (RS Connect - inclusive sailing at its best)

    This weekend, South Beach Yacht Club demonstrated the RS Venture Connect, a super cool inclusive 16 foot sailboat that has adaptive components to allow people of all abilities to sail together.

    photo courtesy of California Inclusive Sailing

    It is a self-righting keelboat with space for one to eight sailors and has a wide range of options to customize the boat for training, cruising, racing, and para-sailing. This equipment is attractive for initial use by people of all abilities, but also transitional and inspiring for those who wish to use sailing as a quality of life and community reconnection pathway beyond rehabilitation.

    photo courtesy of bagleyoceanracing

    Features include: vertical lifting keel for self-righting capability; self-draining cockpit; large aft stowage locker; spinnaker and trapeze capability; and easily transported ashore, slipway launched, or kept afloat on a mooring.

    It also has a full range of para-sailing equipment options mean the boat can be configured to suit virtually all disabilities. Options include single or twin seats, manual joystick, electronic joystick, and sip/puff steering. The options can be readily removed and refitted depending on the next use of the boat.

    photo courtesy of Maggy Frias

    The set up reminds me of a J-70, but with all of the lines running to the helm. Hoisting and dousing the kite was super easy. The helm can be set up with a tiller or dual stick control and was very responsive.

    Although there are a few RS Venture Keelboats around the Bay, there are only two of the RS Venture Connects in California (Newport Beach to be exact, owned by California Inclusive Sailing So this was a great opportunity to really check out the boat. I hope that we can have a fleet of these boats in SF Bay and have more people get out on the water.

    photo courtesy of bagleyoceanracing

    This innovative and fun boat will be available for a test drive on the following dates:

    Saturday March 4, 2017 10:30 am- 3:30 pm at Richmond Yacht Club.

    March 11-12, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm at South Beach Yacht Club

    Courtesy of West Coast Sailing ( ), the RS Connect will likely be at the Strictly Sail Pacific boat show, too!

    photo courtesy of bagleyoceanracing

    Giddy Up!
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