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Spring One Design: Bring On The Wintery Conditions

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  • Spring One Design: Bring On The Wintery Conditions

    7 Express 27's, 5 Melges 24's, 7 Moore 24's and and 20 J 105's ushered in spring at the StFYC's
    Spring One Design Regatta over the weekend, looking forward to saying adios to the cold and wet
    winter of 2016-2017 and spring into the new sailing season, with longer days, warmer weather and sunny skies!

    The StFYC race committee was sharing the City Front on Saturday with the GGYC, who were wrapping up their 5 race
    Manuel Fagundes Seaweed Soup Series, so to avoid conflict, the StFYC moved their course over towards Alcatraz. The 1st race
    sent the fleets to a mark off yellow bluff, a sausage not quite square to the wind, although square to the current, and the breeze was consistent, a southwest in the teens with
    occasional puffs to low 20's.

    When the GGYC wrapped up their race early, the StFYC RC squared up the course dramatically, moving the weather marks just off the club house, giving the
    racers a completely different set of challenges, the biggest, deciding when the layline had been achieved, factoring a strong 3 knot flood (estimated). The conditions
    were ripe for "interesting" crossings and emergency tactics as boat that thought they had it laid, only to have to duck other boats, sending a chain reaction
    of confusion, and instantaneous recalculations in the process. And that was just with the 20 boats in the J-105 fleet!

    The 105's managed to complete their 1st lap and then caught up with some of the other fleets, just arriving at the weather mark, giving the smaller
    Melges, Moore's and E-27 even more to ponder. Yet unlike NASCAR, the rubbing was kept to a minimum, aside from weather mark commingling of rubber and resin.
    3 races completed on Saturday in mild conditions witness John Kernot's Banditos taking 3 bullets to lead the Moore's, Duane Yoslov's Looper with a pair of aces and a deuce
    leading the Melges, Ryan Simmons Blackhawk with two 4's and a bullet, tied with Bruce Stones, Arbitrage (5,1,3) in the J-105's and Zachary Anderson's Motorcycle Irene
    utilizing two firsts and a 2nd to win the day in the Express 27's.

    Then there was Sunday. The promise of a fast moving weather system sliding over the area and exiting early, sorta came true. In its wake,
    a very cold and unstable airmass asserted itself over the bay. With menacing, water ladened cells interspersed with bouts of brilliant sunshine, wind ranging from
    mild to wild, crews needed to decide if they really needed or wanted to compete. Hail and gusts in the 30 knot range prior to start kept most boats tied to the dock until things
    look like they were clearing. The RC managed to get in two races on a westerly before the next round of heavy rain and hail rolled through mid afternoon.

    When all was said and done, Steve Bourdow's Mooregasm had come from behind to win the Moore 24's. Duane Yoslov's Looper continued its domination in the Melges and did not even
    need to race the final race to claim the prize. Bruce Stone and crew on Arbitrage would eek out the victory in the 105's, 14 points to Phillip Laby's Godot and Zachary Anderson's Motorcycle Irene would ride a 2 point decision over Dan Pruzan's Wylie Coyote for the title in the Express 27's.

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Gallery is UP!!!
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery