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Just Announced: SF To Ensenada Regatta

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  • Just Announced: SF To Ensenada Regatta

    Richmond Yacht Club wishes to announce it’s first International offshore race from the San Francisco bay to Ensenada Sept 23, 2017. It is timed to attract racers from Southern California who have competed in the StFYC Big Boat Series the week prior. The organizers are also encouraging first timer by providing individual assistance from experienced ocean racers. The racers will be welcomed by sponsor Marina Coral in Ensenada who has hosted many ocean races including the Newport Ensenada Race.

    Registration is now open and available online via Regatta Network. Click the link below to begin your registration:

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    I see there's a singlehanded option. This could be fun as a SH TransPac qualifier if the SH'ers could get 100nm offshore (as required for the qualifier). Maybe round Bishop Rock or the weather buoy off Cortes Bank? There are several possible SH TransPac entries from PSSA in southern California and this could work for them too, although unless they have trailers they'd have to drag their sleds uphill first.


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      Not sure about the Ensenada ending, that's many additional hoops and documentation issues for skippers and crews to deal with for a short additional couple hours sailing.

      Why not San Diego?

      Lots of Newport Ensenada entries just turn and burn to avoid the complications.


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        I dunno, I kinda like the idea of ending in Ensenada. Ending in SD would be too similar to the CORW. Hopefully the race organizers will be able to streamline the hoops involved in sailing into Mexico just a little? Sounds like fun to me, if all of our crew are still on speaking terms after the CORW we might even have a go at it next year.


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          Replaces the old Oakland to Ensenada race !


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            Marina Coral is safe, clean, has a nice hotel, and is very accommodating for sailors. I did a delivery from Ensenada and Marina Coral had taxi/car meet us in San Diego and take us to the marina (make sure you tell the driver stop at the Aduana building at the border to get your tourist visa...) and they arranged for a ride into Ensenada for expedited boat clearance documentation. Just be aware of the times that the marina office is open and the times that the port/immigration office is open. As I was not the skipper, I do not know the costs for the service, but it sure made it easier. There is a supermarket within walking distance (and a frogger-style highway crossing) The hardest part was waiting for US Immigration on the San Diego side (they are based out of the airport and if there is an incoming international flight, you just have to wait for them to be able to have time to come to the immigration dock).
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              I'm ready , who wants me?


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                I did this race in 1975 on a Cal 29. That was a long adventure -