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  • Wicked Wabbit Whiskeytown Wegatta Weport

    Reporting from the Sunday night campfire at Whiskeytown Lake, with the wise words and tall tales of long-time Wabbit sailors wafting up through the warm air toward the diamond filled sky. ...


    This was an unusual year for conditions. The wind was pretty much nonexistent in the morning and once it filled from the east, it never changed direction. The wind never ripped through the campsites at night, either.


    There were 7 Wabbits in the fleet and a slew of other little boats. Everyone seemed to claim one bad race or a mistake, but comraderie was high and competition was tight. It was about 90F but the water was chilly. Lots of fun if you were sailing --OR were not sailing but happened to have brought your friends, cold drinks, your dogs, and some floaty things (say, like an inflatable lobster named Larry,...).


    BTW, Wabbits are boats that were never designed for middle-aged people but seemingly, those are the only people that race these super fun boats. The colorful Pelican fleet was reminiscent of a story out ofSwallows and Amazons. Also not sailed by young people, BTW...

    Wabbit Podium: Collin Moore, Tim Russell, and Sarah Deeds. Other key playas: Ron Tostenson, John Gray, Merrick Cheney, zenmaster Zane Working AND all of their amazing crew and families.


    The sailing was just as fun as the campsite comraderie. -- gotta get back to it, as we are fighting over the technicolor fuzzy camp chair, among other things ...

    (while no paninis were harmed in the making of this adventure ... a bottle of Kraken was .)

    Peace Out and Good Times,
    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Peace Out, Bags[/FONT]