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    Lesson learned. From mid May through September, never, ever ever ever ever ever put up the #2. It's #3 and a freaking reef on my boat. Oh my God what a complete shitfight that was to get to Alcatraz. I've never flogged a main that hard, even reefed. It was painful to experience. We were miles behind everybody in our class by the time we rounded. We'd have been toast except that everybody in our class decided to stick to the west side behind the City and the hole from hell. For once, being tail-end-charlie paid off, as we went over to Alameda and kept moving the whole race.


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      Originally posted by Wet Spreaders View Post
      OK - so I have been trying to resist posting this, but I can't, so you guys will have to tolerate my proud dad braggy moment. Apologies in advance. From left to right we have my boys Caspian (13) and Lyndon (10), then two friends Nicole (13) and Lucas (10). They had a great weekend.

      Just so you know we're all counting on you to single handedly save the future of sailing! So great to see a bunch of kids having a great time on your boat. Made me smile when I saw that picture. Speaking for myself I doubt I'd be sailing or own a boat right now if it weren't for my parents taking me sailing as a kid.


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        Some Of The Winners

        Some of the class winners from Saturday's YRA Westpoint Marina Regatta.

        Full selects gallery is posted HERE!!

        Doug Bailey loaded up the J-105 Akula with kids and won the J-105 Division!
        A Win-Win situation!

        Cathy Moyer and crew on the Elan 310 Boudicca making tracks after Alcatraz and a PHRF 3 victory!

        Peter Cook and crew sailing the Ultimate 24 For Pete's Sake took corrected time honors in a very tough sportboat division

        Nicolas Popp sailed a magnificent race in his new Sunfast 3600 Invictus to a very fast 3:55:50 elapsed time finish, the fastest for monohulls and
        PHRF 1 division victory!

        Jim Borger to PHRF 4 division victory with his classic Dasher Neja

        While not a winner race wise, the Dragonfly 25 Phoenix has some winning lines

        The Wylie 39' Punk Dolphin is Jonathan Livingston's baby with a fine pedigree and still looks sharp after all these years!

        Jens Jensen and crew sailed the Express 37 Snowy Owl to PHRF 4 Glory!

        John Lymberg's Flying Tiger 10, Wild 1 experiencing kite anxiety off the cityfront.

        Joel Turmel's Moore 24 Firefly on way to Ultralights division victory.
        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

 Photo Gallery