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    Originally posted by BobJ View Post
    When he heard we were vacationing in Canada, PB wanted a case of Molson. I wasn't willing to bring that crap across the border.

    I might have been willing to bring him some Canadian whiskey.

    PT, that's why OYRA removed the parachute flare requirement. If they're not aboard we can't use them to light the hillside on fire.
    Actually, it was some fine Canadian whiskey, Yukon Jack.

    Once again, J-Bob fails me... =(
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        Originally posted by BobJ View Post
        Looked at the doc's and results. TOT is stated in the NOR and was used for all races (so far) except Duxship.
        Not sure what is going on but all races should be scored TOT. There is some default that has to be changed for every race that seems new this year. I changed Dux to TOT, re-scored and re-ran the standings. Let me know if you see anything else that looks amiss.



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          Originally posted by psycho tiller View Post
          Uh oh, I predict a fleet-wide Coast Guard boarding for all OYRA participants next race Isn't our next race the annual YRA Drakes Bay pyrotechnics festival?
          Next race is in fact the annual fog appreciation weekend at Drakes Bay. Pyrotechnics were dropped from the agenda when some moron set Pt Reyes on fire with a parachute flare. We won't be doing that again!