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  • everybody loves DD's

    Seems like just yesterday a group of crazy sailors proposed a race from Cascade Locks, 42 miles
    upriver and downhill to The Dalles through the Columbia River Gorge. A decade later, the insanity continues...

    Don't miss your chance to click this one off your bucket list...

    Registration is open! CLICKY

    The double Damned ! who's in , who's going , who's done it before ....

    My gears are turning.... wondering if i can float off past the wheel wells on the trailer....

    5 weeks out !

    anything a first timer should know ?
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    The Moores trailer launch there so I think you should be fine.

    It will be windy. Or not.... Be prepared for certain sections to hit the 30s though.

    Its pretty straight forward but you should get a chart so you know where the shallow spots are.
    Pointing like a traffic cop, footin like a track star.


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      know where the shallows are !

      gotcha , thanks
      plans to test ramp launch in town and there's two lakes nearby....


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        Camping at Cascade Locks can get noisy with trains late at night. Bring self canceling headphones to ease the pain!


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          two work weekends , then the race ! getting close !


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            WTF , NO wind above 9knts ? I ain't scared ...



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              You are a ways out.


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                still building.... no Mainsheet yet.. one of two twingers....


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                  Mainsheets are vital.


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                    hmmm for 13 mph .. I could just hold it with my teeth


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                      I checked the wind at 1400 today , 0 , zip , zilch


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                        That's not a lot of wind.

                        Good for water skiing though.


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                          Windyty not disagreeing with lack of pressure in the area this weekend,


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                            tomorrows the day... blowing pretty well when we were raising the mast and splashing


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                              Sláinte Does The Dalles

                              It's true.

                              Death From The Rear v2 has launched and is headed up river on the 10th anniversary of the Double Damned.

                              Living up to the promise he was gonna sail this "Damn Race" one way or another, Paul Sutcheck put the pieces together,
                              secured a Cal 20 "Sláinte" or "Cheers" or "to your health" in Gaelic and hit the road. Sort of.

                              The boat had no trailer, and it took some searching to find the right sized used one, and when he did find one, it needed work.

                              The support beams were toast, there was no mast holder, nor fenders, or trailer plates. The wheels were sketchy.

                              But nothing a bit of love and elbow grease could not overcome...

                              An then there was the boat itself. Much hardware to replace.

                              Glass to patch. Lines to replace. And a new kite. Gotta have a new kite.

                              After months of planning, time neared to commit.

                              And a week out, forecast looked dismal. Winds were blowing easterly. No bueno.

                              But with some last minute change of direction, things looked better. He and work mate Eric Thompson pulled the trigger and headed north.

                              "adapt and overcome!
                              never trailered a boat this far illegally (no plates) , never been in charge of raising the mast by hand and rigging a boat by memory , being responsible for another's life on the water....
                              two hours sleep after 650 miles , mast raised on second try , rigging went well , (we had all the parts ) half way legal overnight tie up at the pump out station... hell they got enough room ! right ? floated a boat off a trailer NOT meant for ramp launching , AND the borrowed motor WORKS !"

                              Having never line launched a keel boat before, Paul got most of the pieces together.

                              100' of spectra and a forward trailer wheel. Seems simple enough.

                              But the chocks. Dammit...

                              Rope burn courtesy run away trailer.

                              After some advise on where the marina was in relation to ramp, etc, Sláinte makes her way upriver to spend the night in the marina!

                              The race has begun. Stay tuned for updates from the 10th Annual Double Damned!

                              " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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