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    Good luck with the trailering, Paul. After many years towing a Formula Vee, I got pulled over in Oregon for not having fenders on the trailer. I had no idea they were required. At least I had a license plate!


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        " I Screwed The Pooch"

        Paul explains how the Double Damn went...

        "We had 2 glorious round downs and dumped a crew member each time"

        Paul refers to the windy stretch before Hood River, then the aftermath:

        "At Wind Mt the entire fleet went north and we stayed south and went right into a windhole
        and spun around in circles for 1/2 hour at least, that was the end of the race for us"

        While they continued on, they could not make up the lost time and correct out ahead.
        The boats in front enjoyed better breeze as the wind slowed and reversed direction for Sláinte.

        " I had a game plan. 50/50 on using my own instincts and relying on locals, I should have just stayed right in the middle of the
        river" he explains... Next time, he will be ready.

        Yes, he is determined to make amends for his DFL on this trip.

        I Have a laundry list of things to get done before the next trip, including a trailer arm extension and
        swapping out the cradle for bunk boards to slide the boat on and off of.

        photos michelle fong and paul sutcheck

        After a long day on the water, they spent close to an hour fighting the trailer, which did not like
        being submerged and wanted to float back up with all the wood in the cradle and tires, making life a chore.

        And the trailer came reverse mounted, which is why you see it in the back asswards config.

        Paul had rounded up emergency crew after his regular crew bailed fear lack of wind.
        His co-worker Eric had never sailed before. Ever. And Cathy (from BC?) was a last minute
        addition, who had never sailed with Paul. But they pulled it off.

        Paul, Cathy and Eric

        However they can proudly claim:

        1st Cal 20 to complete the Double Damn

        1st Green Cal 20 to complete the Double Damn

        1st Green Cal 20 to be towed back asswards from Petaluma to the Gorge and Back, some 1400 miles
        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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          Sounds like quite the adventure!


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            That trailer rig looks suspect.

            Kudos for pulling it off!

            Wonder why such a dismal turnout this year?


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              The trailer is actually a dream to tow with , if the boat is positioned correctly , like on the way up , not a bounce or wiggle or wave at 70 mph... BUT with the tongue light , everything gets sketchy... the trailer was never ment to be ramp launched , but aside from me not having wheel chocks , launching was easy !

              pulling out was a complete cluster fuck ! an hour plus ordeal with multiple re alignments and the boat "pulling off" the trailer as we tried to come out of water , I'll be making changes ....


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                I've wanted to do this race for 10 years , it was on my bucket list , I had actually bought my last truck to tow the Can UP to the Gorge , but that never materialized,,,
                of course I wanted to do better , but first I needed to learn ,,, and I learned a lot ! almost everything I did this last weekend was brand fucking new to me , I'm not a life long sailor, I started late in life ( late 35's ) so the things that most of you all know from your youth , I'm just coming across now...

                The idea solidified about 5 weeks ago when I called my friend John Amen and asked how much a class chute was ,,, and if there was enough time to get one... the time frame was really tight , but I paid up front and In full to speed things up...

                Then theres 45 year old boat and 45 year ol trailer... lights were easy , tires and rims 450 or so... the boat , Slāinte had raced two delta ditches before with a second two years ago and a first in double handed div this year.. each race throwing about 1k into failing hardware and gear...

                lets just say nothing was completely perfect and ready to go , but the boat functioned perfectly , my overall impressions of the gorge are ,,,

                Reading the chart is NOT the same as actually being there in person...

                Racing with a pick up crew , isn't the most smart thing to do , but still fun and enjoyable , my co worker who had never sailed before took the two round downs with a smile and says he'll sail again any day !

                Practice makes perfect , I blew it myself this year , but I'll be BACK ! i never make the same mistakes twice....

                cheers , P


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                  A yeoman's effort!


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                    The Double Damn Is A Must Do

                    For Karl Robrock, the Double Damn is a summer must do.

                    His trusty steed, the Moore 24' Snafu still on the disabled list from the damages suffered in the Coastal Cup,
                    it was a matter of rallying the troops. The forecast was looking iffy and his most logical rides were not looking forward
                    to a long ride up 5 just to get skunked. But alas, after a bundle of texts and emails a ride came through and Karl didn't hesitate
                    to book a flight to PDX catch a ride east to Gorge Central.

                    With a little coercion Karl was confirmed with Morgan Larson's main man on Bruzer Tyler Bech to sail upon hull #23,
                    on David Gee's Moore 24' Space Toaster.

                    "It's an amazing fraternity/family with Moore 24 owners, and Moore 24 owners in the Gorge are incredibly hospitable and generous"
                    Karl notes "Things just developed easily and smoothly and with little effort, I had a ride from the airport, a place to stay and a ride. Incredible!"

                    The pre regatta registration at Cascade Locks and hosted by the great crew at RBS Sailbattens is always a good time

                    To quaff down a cold micro brew the the Thunder Island Brewery with the Bridge of Gods as a backdrop makes a great nightcap!

                    4 Moore 24's in attendance this year made for some very close racing. The Moore's are rallying to do the Columbia Gorge One Design
                    next year, as well as the Express 27's, just prior to the Double Damn. That should increase numbers dramatically!

                    David Gee driving and Tyler Bech trimming. "Tyler knows the gorge very well. He knows the shallows. He know the shadows"

                    "We had good breeze from Viento til just past the Hatchery. We struggled to get to the north side after wind Mt but made it.
                    It was lighter and shiftier after Hood River and required constant attention to trim and puffs, but just beautiful sailing."

                    Evelyn Hull and Michael Lazzaro in the Wabbit Covfefe "They were just having a great time, would surge ahead, then
                    make a soft grounding and let us catch and pass them. But great job for neither one having sailed the Double Damn before.

                    The 1st Moore to finish crew enjoying a post race cold one at the Hood River Yacht Club

                    Wabbit sighting at PDX... Karl gets a lift Saturday night from Covfefe's captain, Michael Lazzaro...
                    and with that, the magic weekend is complete...

                    Til next time....
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                    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                      Through The Lens Of Trew

                      Some sweet frames from our favorite PNW Sparky with a camera...

                      " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                        Nice work again Sean!