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    We need to find the surplus Americas cup buoys and get Larry or somebody to donate them...Wishful thinking, I admit.


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      Originally posted by familysailor View Post
      We need to find the surplus Americas cup buoys and get Larry or somebody to donate them...Wishful thinking, I admit.
      I think those all had union hobbits driving them, most of which have retired and gone back to the shire.


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        Obit news for Sy.

        Fair Winds Sir!


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          2017 Big Boat Series: Grand Prix Returns

          2017 Big Boat Series: Grand Prix Returns

          The 2017 edition of the Rolex Big Boat Series will be remembered for numerous things. 4 days of stellar weather, with sunshine and great winds reaching into the 20's in late afternoon. The passing of a Bay Area sailing stalwart, Sy Kleinman, just days before the regatta, his team winning their division in grand fashion, one more time in what will most likely be Swiftsure's final regatta under the Kleinman family ownership.

          Image © Susan Rhune

          A decline in multihulls, which seemed to be the future of Bay Area sailing with the America's Cup in town just 4 years prior.
          When Peter Stoneberg's new Extreme 40' Shadow X had a PBO failure causing the rig to go horizontal, It left Tom Siebel's Mod 70' Orion without any competition. The other entry, Jerome Ternynck' Extreme 40' Smart Recruiters, losing their rig after a capsize a couple weeks earlier, Orion sailed races 3 and 4 without competition on Friday before putting the boat away for the rest of the regatta. After all, what was the point?

          In handicap monohulls, the race committee distributed the 29 entries into 4 divisions with a Sportboat PHRF division and 3 ORR divisions, which, by sampling the results, appears to have worked out as well as it could, given that handicap sailing has it's own handicap, and unless you are on the winning end, you are never really satisfied.
          The one design regatta regulars, J-105's with 24 boats, Farr 40's with 6 boats, Express 37's with 7 boats, J-70's with 11 boats and J 120's with 5, rounded out the evenly matched divisions aside from one, the premier debut of the PAC 52 Class.

          While this was not the 1st time that the 52's have had 5 boats on the line for the Big Boat Series, they had that number in 2010 and 2011, it is the 1st time that evenly matched 52's have lined up, and what a difference a generation makes. The earlier lineups featured mostly TP 52's from various generations, that while similar in measurement were nowhere close in composition, construction, sail design, weight and speed. And generally a two horse race would emerge with the older boats playing catch up the entire regatta.

          2017 will be remembered as the year that 5 evenly matched 52's lined up for the Big Boat Series. And even it was. With conditions near perfection for these machines, boat handling skills and time together seemed to be the determining factor. It seems like a long time since the Core 4, Rio, FOX, Bad Pak and Invisible Hand debuted in San Diego for the Yachting Cup in early May, and many a mile has been sailed in the meantime.

          Boat tweaking and personnel changes have occurred, with rivalries developing and teams pushing each other on the water, yet assisting each other on shore. With the addition of Beau Geste for the Big Boat Series, the PAC 52's finally had what they all wanted, their own division in the regatta. With 2 lengthy races each day for the 1st 3 days and a 27 mile tour finale on Sunday, the boats all had their own moments in the sun, so to speak. Lead changes occurred frequently with one constant, Beau Geste closing out each race with an unsevered string of bullets, thanks in large part to the years and years the crew have spent together and on various 52 campaigns.

          As Gavin Brady, Beau Geste's play caller explained. "It's time on board these beasts that counts, most of the guys have made every mistake you can make and have learned from them" Indeed. Mistakes will cost you dearly on these grand prix machines, one hiccup and you can lose bundles of time and distance, yet, with any luck you might pull out quick flyer, miss out on a horde of smaller boats in your path or the speed killing impact of a ferry wake. With downwind speeds hitting 23-25 knots, these oversized dinghies gobble up real estate like nobody's business, and one slight error can open passing lanes for your foes and consternation for the crew.

          Manouch Moyshaydi, who's RIO had pulled all the right strings, and made all the right maneuvers in Friday's 2nd race, was the lead dog going into the final weather mark off Point Diablo, was taken by surprise and fouled Invisible Hand and was forced to take a 360 before chasing down nearly catching the fleet explained succinctly "It's just another testament that these boats are so close and it's such great racing with them".

          And what a final leg that turned out to be. A balls out drag race under the gate towards the clubhouse, crossing paths with a other fleets which were sailing from Blackaller out into the central bay, with big puffs rolling off the Presidio. In the right place you got a great push to the finish, the wrong place awarded you a nice roundup with heart pounding close quarter encounters not soon to be forgotten. As the fleet neared Anita Rock, there must have been 5-6 lead changes taken place with the final placements not decided until they crossed the line!

          Sunday's Bay Tour had the fleet on a 27 nm voyage all about the bay in 15 -20 knots. With lots of options on routes, to cover or not to cover, run with the fleet or take a flyer, the boats all ended within 10 seconds of each other! The time aboard learning curve is proving itself with the crews of Core 4, it's a steep curve, but you can really see the improvement in just one season of racing.

          The inaugural season finale, The Pac 52 Cup begins later this week with 3 Races on Friday, 3 Races Saturday and a Bay Tour Sunday to conclude the season. Joining the party will be Tony Langley's Gladiator, with crew fresh off a 52 Super Series with a series win in Menorca. Gavin Brady expects them to "Step right in with some people who know the bay, they certainly know the boat, and will be a team to watch, that's for sure"...

          While this season has been a memorable on for the PAC 52's, 2018 is looking even better...With talk on the dock of some incoming boats, which by early estimates will have 10 boats on the line.

          The West Coast Grand Prix Circuit is kicking off in grand style!

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          " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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            10 boats you say?



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              10 is a good, round number.

              12 is better.


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                Seems very optimistic 10 boats . I hope it happens


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                  Doesn't seem too far fetched if Vesper and Spookie join in.

                  Would only need two more!


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                    That would be great news!

                    KKMI is going to need to expand!


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                      Vesper sold recently, no idea who bought her.


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                        It will be interesting to see how Gladiator fares this weekend. Her crew will be polished from their time at the Super Series and if the boat can sail around the course with the PAC 52's it should open lots of opportunities for TP 52's on the hard everywhere. PAC 52's are the best all around boat I have sailed - Besides an Express 27 of course..


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                          Sounds like you had a good time!

                          How did you manage to elevate from an Express to a rocket ship?


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                            Originally posted by Panama Red View Post
                            Sounds like you had a good time!

                            How did you manage to elevate from an Express to a rocket ship?
                            It's not just what you know, but who. And that pesky limit of 7 Cat 3's!