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2018 Corinthian YC Midwinters

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  • 2018 Corinthian YC Midwinters

    Some selects from Saturday's CYC hosted YRA Mid Winters 2day fun fest.

    Full report to follow...

    Day 1 Results

    Day 2 Results
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    2018 CYC Midwinter's Saturday Report

    Sunny, pleasant conditions ushered in the 2018 Edition of the
    Corinthian Yacht Club's Midwinter Party! (the best party of the season mind you)

    Yes there was racing and at the crack of noon, the RC hoisted the AP flag as they awaited the anticipated NW winds to fill, and as right on cue, they slowly built. Then retreated.

    But not before the PHRF1 and Sportboat 30 divisions got underway and eeked out what boat speed they could against the modest flood. PHRF 2 was about to get underway when things went light again and were called back to await a change at the Knox Point starting area.

    The recently relaunched Shock 40 Canter Velvet Hammer made good use of their vast sail inventory and made a beeline in 4-5 knots towards Blackaller on the appointed Course 4. ( Blackaller> Blossom> Little Harding > Finish) . But it was Trig Liljestrand's J-90 Ragtime which headed up to yellow bluff that got the breeze 1st and was able to get a jump on their division which would pay dividends in the end.

    After rounding Blackaller, the two fleets dispersed across the bay, sailing to their own boats favorite vectors. Winds building to a titillating 6-8 with gentle puffs to 10 eased the fleet down the city front to Blossom Rock, which was, remarkably tranquil with little Alcatraz Ferry traffic do to the gubermint shutdown.

    Velvet Hammer would round 1st and lead the pack, chased primarily by the lighter boats in the Sportboats, including Stephen Stroub's C&C 30 Tiburon, Daniel Thielman's Melges 32' Kuai and the aforementioned J-90 Ragtime, which would correct out to 2:09:30 and beat all boats in the Course 4 racing for the day! The completion in the displacement boats in PHRF 1 would prove quit intense as 5 boats, Stan Hales Farr 395 Chance, Bill Helvestines SC 50' Deception, Mark Howe's SC 50' Adrenalin, Mark Dowdy's SC 50' and John Clauser's 1D 48' Bodacious would all finish within 25 seconds of each other!

    Meanwhile PHRF 2 got restarted at 13:10, in what looked to be a promising uptick in breeze. And it was promising. For A while.

    With the Express 37's and J-105' following on Course 4, Wayne Koide's Sydney 36 Encore would remain in close competition around Blackaller and Blossom with Robert Bloom's J-35 Jarlen, and cross the line 4 seconds ahead. However, Jarlen was owed 3:21 in handicap and won the division with bundles to spare.
    Shortly thereafter the wind went light again with many an anchor set as the ebb began a pronounced increase.

    Kame Richards was victorious in his return to racing on his E-37 Golden Moon, after taking a lengthy hiatus following knee surgery last year. A master of reading currents, wind shifts and avoiding hole, Golden Moon won the class by 47 minutes and change over closest rival, Robert Harford's Stewball, which finished with just over 10 minutes remaining for the 16:30 cutoff time .

    Tim Russell's J105 Ne Ne would win its division in similar fashion, with a near 52 minute delta over 2nd place Russian Roulette owned by Sergey Lubarsky which found itself in the company of Blue Ribbon and She Loves It scratching to cross the finish before the witching hour.

    IN other classes, Memo Gidley's Elliot 1050 Basic Instinct would Division F, The new 20 Somethings would taken by Marcus Canestra's Melges 20 Boomer, Jim Gibbs Moonlight won the Express 27 division, Hank Easom and crew sailed his new Sabre 36 Spirit to 1st in PHRF 3. PHRF 4 honors goes to Robin Van Vliet's J-24 Evil Octopus, Boats without a kite Start K went to John Arndt on his Ranger 33 Summer Sailstice and The Can was top dog in a worst to 1st come from behind, major motion picture thriller in the Cal 20's....


    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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      That is an interesting set by Zsa Zsa!