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CYC Corinthian Mid Winters February

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  • CYC Corinthian Mid Winters February

    Working on the write up and some other stories...

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    Sunday's racing more or less resembled the Toliva Shoals affair!


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      CYC Midwinters Saturday Summer Like Bliss

      2018 CYC Mid Winters February
      The February edition of the Corinthian YC’s Party Circuit Regatta came in like a rabbit and marched out like a Rhino. A stampeding herd of Rhinos.

      Saturday’s warm sunshine and building westerly ushered out what had been a near 2-week sabbatical from winter for Northern California residents. Temps in the 70’s during the day with cool crisp nights had many swapping out their coats and dungarees for shorts and tee shirts.

      Saturdays start was delayed some 45 minutes waiting for the breeze to build, while crews relaxed and enjoyed pleasantries in the Knox Point sunshine before the ball got rolling. The westerly arrived as predicted and the 1st 2 fleets sent on course 4, a nine mile ride to Blackaller, Blossom, Little Harding then finish, while the remaining division’s, save the Cal 20’s, were sent on course 2, a 8.2 nm jaunt up to Yellow Bluff, a long downhill ride to YRA“8” off Point Blunt then Little Harding and finish.

      The fleets all enjoyed winds in the 10-15 knot range with some local gusts a tad higher, perfect sea state with just enough bump and current to make it interesting, and just enough distance to get sailors a good workout without consuming all the adult beverages in the chilly bin.

      Zachary Anderson’s Velvet Hammer made short work of Couse 4 in PHRF 1, completing the route in 1:16:11 but yielding the corrected time to Ray Pauls’ Swan 53-2 Blue by 1m10sec. Daniel Thielman and crew on the Melges 32’

      Kuai won Sportboat 30 division with a swift 1:19:30 elapsed, and a 2:11 cushion in corrected over Steve Stroub’s C&C 39 Tiburon.

      Davis Halliwill’s J-120 Perigrine enjoyed a near 5 minute delta win in Division 2 that translated into a 3m 50s wind over Wayne Koide’s Sydney 36’ Encore. The upwind leg from Mark 8 was interrupted by a long series of blasts from Crowley push tug Gulf Reliance which was steaming from Richmond to the South Bay Anchorage with a barge of fuel and oil. It did not appear a close a the captain of barge made it out to be, but the end result was the disqualification of Vera Cruz.

      The 5 boat Express 37’ fleet had it’s usual close racing, this time Nick Schmidt’s Escapade took the horn with a 37 second victory over Robert Harford’s Stewball.

      Tim Russell’s Ne Ne had a 43 second win over Don Weineke’s LuLu in the six boat J-105 Fleet

      The 7 boat Non Spin saw Memo Gidley’s Elliott 1050 Basic Instinct correct out by a mere 19 seconds over Jib Marteens’s Worth 40 Freedom
      In the 20 Somethings, Aya Yamanouchi’ new J-88 Benny dispatched their only class competitor, Dale Scoggin’s Open 5.70 by some 10 plus minutes elapsed, 3 no shows upsetting the balance there.

      In the Express 27 Fleet, John Kearney’ Salty Hotel held on a 33 second advantage over Jim Gibbs Moonlight.With only 3 E-27’s on the line, odds were good for all boats to get on the podium!
      White Jacket, The Etchells sailed by John Sutak corrected out in a 15 boat PHRF 3 division which included Gordie Nash’s Arcadia, Elliot James’s Bloom County and Hank Easom’s Serenade.

      Robin Van Vliet and crew on the J-24 Evil Octopus won the PHRF 4 outright and corrected, with 54 seconds elapsed between them and 2nd Place IOD Youngster with Ron Young at the stick
      Nonspin 2 witnessed Peter Birnbaum’s Catalina 34 Surprise with a 4m26s advantage over Latitude 38’s
      John Arndt’s Ranger 33 Summer Sailstice

      The Can sailed fasterer than Raccoon and 4 other boats to claim Cal 20 bragging rights for the night and William Erkelens D Cat was uncontested in multihull division.

      More on Sundays big blow and season overall winners coming right up.


      Saturdays Results
      " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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        Blowing your horn for too long can cause impotence.


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          Originally posted by Carl Spackler View Post
          Blowing your horn for too long can cause impotence.
          It's also a major risk factor for blindness. Wait, what were we talking about again???


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            Some of those tug operators could use an enema


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              Originally posted by Buzz Light Beer View Post
              Some of those tug operators could use an enema
              After he finished off with the 20 minute long signal I wanted to call him on the radio and ask "You mad bro?" However I was too busy eating popcorn, watching the drama unfold and not winning the race. Got so caught up in the show I wasn't paying attention to my driving. The boss lady eventually noticed our boat speed was 3 knots and I got in a whole lot of trouble. Good thing you can't fire the boat owner! At least I hope that's the case