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Bear Domination And Tater Tossers Rule Master Mariners

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  • Bear Domination And Tater Tossers Rule Master Mariners

    IN the better late than never department, the news on the CAL campus brought ear to ear grins
    when it was learned that The Bears dominated this years Master Mariners, with the top 5 finishers all
    being the Mighty Bear Boat....

    The day began light and very overcast, but as the race wore on, the sun finally emerged and
    winds picked up nicely, making the run from Blossom Rock to Southampton and back to the finish
    behind Treasure Island a delightful one. And thi year, for the 1st time in a while, a big stampede of schooners
    marching towards the finish in formation!

    And speaking of Schooners, the seldom mentioned, even less documented rule BS Tater Toss Rule:

    * This changes RRS-rule 28.1: For the "Big Schooner Division: a Big Schooner shall start, leave each mark on
    the required side in the correct order and finish so that a string representing her wake after starting and until she
    finishes would, when drawn taut pass each mark on the required side except that hitting a mark with a potato
    thrown from the Big Schooner will constitute a correct rounding, no matter which side of the mark the Big Schooner
    is on. Big Schooners shall be allowed to use their engine for 15 minutes during the race.
    Which came in quite handy, reports Shauna Bagley whom was a guest aboard the schooner Seaward.
    "The crew was informed to bring potatoes the night before at the pre race dinner, and most did. They had your red potatoes,
    your Yukon Golds and the standard Russell" Shauna elates "And with the strong ebb, the rule really came in handy, saved our heinies,
    so to speak"

    But the tater that made the difference? "I took home a baked one from the pre race party, and nailed Southampton with it" She gleams...

    Results may appear HERE at some point...

    Some select images have appeared HERE

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    Despite the statements above that I may not have said, sailing on Seaward was so much fun! It was sort of like being in a Patrick O'Brien novel. Good times! The potato hucking was an added bonus!
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