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2018 PacCup Start Dates Announced!

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  • 2018 PacCup Start Dates Announced!

    A. Coral Reef Sailing Apparel Division. PHRF-DW <= 615. Starts Monday, 7/9

    Boat Name Boat Type Skipper
    Eliana Morgan 382 Warren Holybee
    Green Buffalo Cal 40 Jim Quanci
    Highlander Cal 40 Bob Horton
    Bombora Express 27 Rebecca Hinden

    D1. Pau Maui Vodka Doublehanded Division. Express 27s DH. Starts Monday, 7/9

    Boat Name Boat Type Skipper
    Alternate Reality Express 27 Darrel Jensen
    Loose Cannon Express 27 Andy Goodman
    Fired Up! Express 27 John Morrison
    Motorcycle Irene Express 27 Zachery Anderson
    The Pork Chop Express Express 27 Chris Jordan
    Yeti Express 27 Adam Mazurkiewicz

    D2. Mount Gay Rum Doublehanded Division. Starts Monday, 7/9

    Whistler V Ohlson 38 John Parkes
    Foamy Moore 24 Lester Robertson
    Zipper Santa Cruz 27 Alexia Fischer
    Abstract J105 Douglas Pihlaja
    Wolfpack MORC Melinda Erkelens
    Bacon Berger Antrim 27 Mike Bacon
    Jamani J120 Sean Mulvihill

    Kolea: The Cruising Division. Starts Monday, 7/9

    Boat Name Boat Type Skipper
    La Bonne Vie Wauquiez Pretorien 35 Matt Sundermier
    Knot Behaving Jeanneau 379 James Peo
    Bear Boat Jeann. Sun Odyssey 40.3 Paul Koenig
    Edge of Moonlight Island Packet 380 Keith James
    Cross 40 Trimaran Steve Brodie
    Defiance Schock 41 Jack Tibbetts
    Surya catamaran andre hilden
    Music Nordic 44 Jeff Michaud
    Lyric (Comm Vessel) Mason Ketch John Swain
    Wavelength Beneteau 46 Bill Schwartz
    Cetacea Hudson Force 50 Peter Masson
    Anais Hanse 505 Matt Solhjem
    OutreMer Hanse 505 Emmanuel SAUQUET
    Blue Moon Jeanneau 52.2 Russ Johnson

    B. Weems & Plath Division. DW PHRF 614 to 583. Starts Wednesday, 7/11

    Eclipse Express 37 Sandy Andersen Wertanen
    Zaff J92 Phil Wampold
    Gusto Swan 441 Holm Albrecht
    Quantum Beneteau 405 Scott Smith
    Limitless Express 37 Shawn Ivie
    Shearwater J35 Karl Haflinger
    The Fugitive Farr 1220 Benjamin Rummen
    Sweet Okole Custom Farr 36 Dean Treadway
    Dare Dare Sun Fast 3200 Nicolas Thiebaud
    Iguana Beneteau 411 Michael Eusebio

    C. Alaska Airlines Division. DW PHRF 582 to 550. Starts Wednesday, 7/11

    Boat Name Boat Type Skipper
    Imagine Davidson 44 Wyatt Jones
    Mirthmaker Archambault 35 Kirk Denebeim & Robb Daer
    Poke & Destroy Evelyn 32-2 Alex Simanis
    Venture Jeanneau 49 SO Michael Chobotov
    Free Nautor's Swan 46 Christian Doegl
    Angelique Columbia 57 Andy Kurtz
    Aloha Hobie 33 Kyle Vanderspek

    D. Pasha Hawaii Division. ORR tcf <= 1.099. Starts Thursday, 7/12

    Boat Name Boat Type Skipper
    Alessandra Grand Soleil 50 Casey Smith
    Hokulani J120 Tracy Rogers
    SIX BROTHERS Columbia Carbon 32 Chris Kramer
    Companera Farr 44 Paul Eichen
    J World's Cazan DK 46 Paul Martson
    Rufless Melges 32 Rufus Sjoberg
    Zamazaan Farr 52 Greg Mullins
    Starship Santa Cruz 52 Christian Berge
    J World's Hula Girl Santa Cruz 50 Mod Wayne Zittel

    E. BMW of San Rafael Division. ORR >1.099. Starts Friday 7/13!

    Boat Name Boat Type Skipper
    Rage Wylie 70 (custom) David Raney
    Westerly Santa Cruz 70 Stuart Dahlgren
    Runaway Andrews 70 Hector Velarde
    A Fond Le Girafon* Beneteau F3 Charles Devanneaux
    Blue Riptide 41 Michael Schoendorf
    Pyewacket Andrews 68 Roy Disney
    Prospector Mills 68 Shelter Isl TrnsAtlantic Prtnrs

    Note that several boats have ratings pending and may move divisions.
    Starts are expected to be at ten-minute intervals, starting at about:
    11:20 on Monday,
    13:00 Wednesday,
    14:00 Thursday, and
    14:50 Friday.
    Consult Sailing Instructions (when published) and starting signals (when made) for precise times.
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    Are we doing the Pac Cup Pool again this year?


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      why is there a planning boat in with the cal40's ?


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        What are they planning?


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          Always good to have a plan!


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            Damn auto correct and non proof reading....


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              What's it rate?


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                Siri, the great downfall of civilized spelling


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                  Island Fever Hits Richmond Yacht Club

                  July 3, 2018 - Point Richmond, California

                  The Pacific Cup race village has officially opened on Tuesday July 3 at the Richmond Yacht Club in Point Richmond, California! With the first starts of the 20th edition of the Pacific Cup yacht race now less than a week away, Richmond Yacht Club, the race village and other local yacht clubs and marinas have become a hive of pre-race activity as the skippers and crews of more than 60 racing yachts are making their final preparations for a 2,070 mile crossing from San Francisco Bay to Kaneohe on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu.

                  In addition to the race village itself, there is a full social calendar during these final days before Pacific Cup 2018, which will include:

                  Tuesday July 3 -The first official event to take place after the opening of the 2018 Pacific Cup race village is a special downwind driving seminar with veteran racer and renowned sailmaker Kame Richards of Pineapple Sails. In a race such as the Pacific Cup - primarily off the breeze in the venerable northeast trades - the importance of good downwind driving can’t be overstated. Kame’s seminar will commence at 5:30pm, followed by a cocktail party. Tickets are $15.

                  *pics from 2016 Pac Cup Prep

                  Wednesday July 4 - Wednesday night beer can racing and dinner at Richmond Yacht Club on the 4th of July, followed by distant fireworks off the San Francisco city front! Can’t wait until next week to race to Hawai’i? Looking forward to some last minute practice? Then slip off the dock lines and race your Pac Cup steed in an RYC beer can!

                  Thursday July 5 - Alaska Airlines Seafood Night will take place at Richmond Yacht Club, with Happy Hour beginning at 5 pm and the buffet opening about 30 minutes later. All Pac Cup skippers and crew who buy a dinner ticket are encouraged to enter Alaska Airlines’ raffle for a chance to win two tickets to anywhere Alaska Airlines flies! Dinner tickets are $25.

                  Saturday July 7 - Surely one of the busiest days at the Pacific Cup race village, there is a MANDATORY skipper’s meeting between 1 and 3 pm (at least one representative per boat must be present), to be followed by the Mount Gay Rum Bon Voyage party from 3-7 pm. The party will feature live Hawaiian music, a chance to meet famed local sailing artist Jim Dewitt (and get your official Pac Cup 2018 poster signed!), and another killer BBQ buffet on the Richmond Yacht Club deck from 4 - 7 pm. Bon Voyage party tickets (with food and a drink ticket) sell for $35.

                  Skippers and crew, this is YOUR party, so do it up right! Show your stoke for the upcoming race and wear your aloha and/ or crew shirts… the best dressed crew will be eligible for special prizes AND bragging rights!

                  Come one, come all, the 20th edition of the Pacific Cup is upon us! Richmond Yacht Club and the Pacific Cup Yacht Club invite you to come visit the race village, take in some of our fun pre-race activities, check out the boats, and wish the competitors a warm aloha.

                  The first starts of the 20th Pacific Cup will take place on Monday July 9 off the San Francisco city front.

                  For more information on the race village, the race itself or any upcoming events, please visit the Pac Cup official website at

                  -Ronnie Simpson
                  Pacific Cup Media 2018
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                    Models Suggest Early Starters Advantage

                    Windyty's projection for next week begging with Monday July 9th thru Friday July 13





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                      Johnny The Geek's PacCup Odds*

                      As is tradition around here, from his Vegas command post somewhere in the basement of
                      The Rock Hard Casino, Johnny the Greek's 2018 Pacific Cup Predictions:

                      There are so many unknown unknowns. Fer-instance:

                      Will those tropical depressions going to keep coming out of Acapulco like they did last year?

                      Here’s our 4th of July 2018 heading out for a Hawaii dissipation right now:

                      There’s one down there now More are likely

                      These cyclones send a wicked set of waves toward North Korea

                      One boat in 2016 called them "Kim Jung Un" waves

                      They like to take the stern thataway;

                      As in ripple tank physics the intersection of two wave trains make things bouncy

                      Would you like to arrive in Hawaii at about the same time as a potent former hurricane?

                      …it’s depressing to think about

                      Check out the 48 and 96 hour charts and swell directions


                      Breeze is the biggest unknown

                      Ohhh and the variable starting days make it a real crap chute shoot

                      It is a long race

                      Some boat’s gonna be out there for 17 days or more

                      But consider: this it is only going 1/3 of the way across the Pacific

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                        I'll put $10.00 on the Pork Chop to show!


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                          Bruces Brief

                          Bruce’s Brief, Vic-Maui Update and the start of PAC Cup.
                          by Bruce Hedrick

                          I guess the good news is that the entire Vic-Maui Fleet has committed to the Great Circle Route and have (wisely) decided to follow Brad Baker on Firefly. The bad news is that as we pointed out last week, the high has built to 1039MB, we said 1040, and it is centered well west at 161degrees W, we said 160, and instead of a 28MB spread from the center of the high to the Islands it's only 24MB. That is still plenty. The problem will be that between the Pacific High and the coast are persistent troughs of low-pressure off the coast and a very weak ridge of high pressure along the coast. This has created some very breezy conditions north of the Bay Area and will impact the starts of Pacific Cup but only for the first couple of days of the race. After that, it appears there will be a nice band of wind to get south and get set up for the final approach to the Islands. Navigators will really earn their keep this year as from about 140W to 155W there will be unsettled areas of light air

                          Surface Analysis July 6

                          Surface Forecast July 7

                          Surface Forecast July 8

                          The Vic-Maui Racers have a more complex problem. They've all committed to sailing the shortest possible route which will take them into a large area of light air by the 10th of July. This caused by the fact that the jet stream is simply not around this summer. By the 8th to the 10th of July it make dip as far south as the Aleutians, otherwise, there is nothing to really push the these weather systems around.

                          For the Pacific NW our mild summer will continue with an unusually strong southerly breeze off the coast today which will diminish as this trough pushes through. Onshore flow will build behind this trough creating strong westerlies in the central Straits. Wind over the rest of the area will remain light and variable. You should still check the VHF weather readings and log the barometer before you head out on any cruise. Just be the prudent mariner.

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                            Looks like a nice windy start for the early birds!

                            Might be an upset in the 1st to finish department.

                            Good luck all!


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                              Yes, good luck to all you lucky bastards!