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Lipton's Cup Goes Down Easy

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  • Lipton's Cup Goes Down Easy

    The SF Bay version of the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup enjoy a vigorous stirring up over the weekend as
    9 teams from 9 different yacht clubs saddle up and went a racing on SF Bay

    all images courtesy Lynn Hines

    The 3 day event was a corroboration primarily by the StFyc and The Richmond Yacht Clubs with the blessing
    of the former host the PIYCA's blessing. The Lipton Cup had struggled mightily in recent years to attract clubs and sailors,
    but recent efforts to work towards corinthian challenge between a multitude of clubs was finally rewarded when the RYC
    and StFYC agreed to join forces.

    There are numerous Lipton Cup Events held across the Nation, where YC's send a boat and crew of corinthian sailors to another club on a rotating basis
    once a year for pride and fun. The clubs would have to agree on a platform that would equally represent, and in recent years the mighty Cal 20 has
    been the platform us for SF Bay Events. Problem is, not every club has Cal 20's these days, and fewer and fewer owners feel compelled to pour money
    into the upkeep of these well loved marvels from the 60's

    The StFYC has a nice, modern fleet of J-22's used primarily for the clubs match racing and team racing training and events, and sometimes for
    extracurricular activities like the 3 Bridge Fiasco or the Ditch Run. With a more modern fleet available, the selling of a new, improved version of Liptons
    vision was promoted and sold. 9 teams from 9 YC's signed up by the deadline with a 10th from the Sausalito YC at the last moment, however ts SYC's boat
    suffered hull damage on Thursday night and left them with a steed.

    The Lipton Cup for this year was broken into 4 challenges:

    The Admirals Cup: A long distance race from the StFYC to the RYC on Friday

    The Sir Thomas Lipton Challenge: A series of buoy races off Southampton Shoal on Saturday

    The Larry Knight Trophy: A race from The RYC to the StFYC on Sunday

    The Lipton Cup Pac Coast Perpetual Challenge Trophy: The cumulative results of all the above

    Conditions, as you can plainly see were spirited from the start on Friday, right through Sunday. Winds in excess of 30 knots were seen the 1st
    two days and teams had all the could handle from these lively little boats and a well lit San Francisco Bay. Fridays races started in 11-14 knots off the StFYC but
    quickly grew as the teams headed towards the East Bay, with 25 knots pluss at Pt Blunt and 30 knots as they approached Richmond. The RC had a hard time getting from
    the StFYC to RYC in time to finish them. Team Inverness would take the gun with SFYC and EYC taking 2nd and 3rd.

    Saturdays 4 race event would begin in brisk conditions and get brisker. The shots you see are from Saturday, which exceeded the wind limit for kite flying by the final
    event and they would finish racing in mains and jibs only. 5 swimmers were reported during the day and 5 recoverys. A very wet and exhausted contingent of sailors enjoyed
    festivities later at the RYC, most likely with warm team and generous portions of grog added. The SFYC would rule the day with 2 bullets and 7 points total. Tea EYC would claim 2nd with two bullets and 9 points total. Team Inverness would take 3rd with 3 dueces and 13 points total.

    Sunday's beat back to the StFYC would be more controlled chaos but a good challenge on the less. Arriving 1st would be Team Inverness followed by the South Beach Yacht Club and then Team RYC.
    The Overall trophy would be awarded to Inverness with 8 points total, followed by Encinal and the SFYC
    A great distribution of success, considering the clubs mentioned don't have their own J-22 fleets!

    Overall, the revamped edition of the Lipton's Cup was an overwhelming success, no doubt in line with Sir Thomas Lipton's original vision,
    Plans are already under discussion between the various clubs for next years event, with hopes the format utilized this year merits repeating!

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    Steeped in tradition!


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      Who knew Inverness was such a powerhouse?