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2018 West Point Marina Regatta

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  • 2018 West Point Marina Regatta

    Twas a handful! Still editing pics... please stand bye...

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    Did anyone get a wind speed reading for the first leg?


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      Originally posted by bwwooster View Post
      Did anyone get a wind speed reading for the first leg?
      All the data I could find after the fact, showed 20-25...sure felt like more than that to me.


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        Looking at Weather Underground at GGYC, at 12:24 it was 25.5 with gusts to 29.5mph...and gusts to 33.5 at 1:54.


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          It was a steady 20 with gusts at the start, and a sistership with wind instruments said it was a solid 25 with gusts at Harding. We dropped out on the first leg due to the conditions being a bit much for a fully powered up boat sailing with kids. The minute we tacked back to the committee and the speedo jumped into the 12s, the kids were suddenly having a blast! Great race.


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            Wind at three reporting stations for Saturday courtesy

            Blunt at top, T.I at bottom and Aquatic Park in middle...

            Tried hiding behind Alcatraz but it was useless... meandering over toe Harding was not even in the conversation.

            Pull camera out a couple times on the beat upwind and all I got was a wet camera.

            " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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              I don't recall the wind ever ramping up that fast.

              So much for the predicted 10-15 knots I saw Friday!


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                June Goes Out Like A Lion

                For the 85 boats enlisted for the 2018 Westpoint Regatta, the velocity of the wind that arrived just as things were getting underway at the starting area for the 11:30 scheduled 1st gun was surprising to say the least. The forecast in previous days indicated slight ramp up, in the 12-20 range by noon, with warm temps at the beaches. Tee shirts and shorts were certainly the vision many had coming in, but Ma Nature has played games this season on many weekend regattas, so why should this weekend be any different?

                The Ditch Run was a bust, just a handful of finishers in one of the lightest races in recent memory. Vallejo also lacked velocity for the Saturday race up river, San Pablo Bay not providing the goods as advertised. The Full Crew Farallones was called off due to excessive winds and the OYRA Duxship had some white knuckle moment for crews to stash in their memory banks. The 3 Bridge Fiasco had too much ebb and not enough wind, and SSS Corinthian and Round the Rocks both could have done with a tad more blow to go.

                But sailors are a hardy bunch with short term memories, and the mai tai’s are always sweeter when adversity lies between the crew and the after party. The 20 plus knots of wind and healthy flood tide , sent an abundance of short distance square chop and cool wind down the slot and onto the Bezerkeley Flats making the beat for most boats a hate mission in the least and an unobtainable beat down of a beat for others. Certainly, water length and boat weight was on the wish list for the shorter lighter boats.

                The fleet with few exceptions, made a quick decision to head for Point Blunt to gain, if nothing else, some current relief. But then you still have to go around Blunt, which can be compared to Point Conception in it’s ability to provide shelter and nasty, gusty winds simultaneously. Once around Blunt, and winds in the low to mid 30’s, some current relief could be achieved along Angel Islands Southern Flank with winds subsiding slightly until crews would have to tack back in to the river and the maelstrom to fetch the weather mark Harding Rock.

                On a normal year, most boats could then set kites and charge over Alcatraz and enjoy a mellow kite ride do to the Bay Bridge. But the tell tale parade of white sails, with boats hiking hard and heeling harder with just a smattering of kite set attempt prior to clearing Alcatraz explained everything. With 30 knots and the fast moving flood, carrying was problematic, with many boat flashing their keels and putting the spin in rinse cycle. But this is a race damnit, and the more sail the sooner is faster school of thought produced some wild rides down the city front, providing diners with view tables along the Embarcadero something to write home about.

                No normally, that would be where things would slow down dramatically, and once passing south under the Bay Bridge, on might anticipate some major cases of hull drag, but this year was different. The massive holes that plague this part of the course were in a large part non existent or minimal. Instead, a warm, friendly, if not puffy wind circulating down from the concrete jungle danced across the South Bay.
                Layer would be shed, and frosty cold ones would be enjoyed as the fleet spread out among the ships hanging out at anchorage 9. Winds in the 12-17 knot range descended across the Dogpatch and Hunters Point area. If there was a faster path, it would appear to be in the deepwater channel, riding less puffy conditions and greater current.

                Now THIS is what was advertised. A pleasant, warm ride to the San Mateo Bridge and beyond. Wide open spaces. No Traffic, Good friends, good grog, good times.
                And while the wind would lighten after the steady winds of the gulf of Candlestick, the wind gods smiled the entire way, with temps in the 70’s and breeze 10-20 well past the San Mateo Bridge.

                The surprise entry of the day, Tom Sieble’s Mod 70’ Orion would complete the 28.7 nm course in a blazing 1:40:54 seconds. A mark that should stick around for some time to come. Despite spotting the 1st starters a 55 minute head start, Orion cleared Harding Rock, double reefed and all ahead of nearly the entire fleet. Orion would turn and burn back up the course, re-crossing the slot for a 2nd time, about 4:30 PM where winds had increased even further into the mid to high 30’s, conditions that have even a huge trimaran like that on edge. With the increased apparent wind, they cannot effectively bear away with out the real risk of capsizing. We have been told that she is for sale, if you want to set your own records…

                SELECTS GALLERY

                Coming in second in Multi2 Divison, Mark Zimmer’s Farrior F-25 C Khimara at an elapsed time of 02:31:25 and correcting out just behind Orion by 14 seconds. Bill Gardners Corsair F-27 Perigrine Falcon would win Multi 2 Division with a elapsed time of 03:05: 28.

                The quickest monohulls elapsed time would go to John Clauser’s 1D48’ Bodacious+, consuming just 02:58:34 on her voyage, but ceding PHRF 1 honor on corrected to Mark Kennedy’s Flying Tiger 19 Centomiglia which would correct out by 24 seconds! Vuju Start would take the 5 boat J-105 Division, no times given. The Sport Boat Division would be hit hard with just 1 finisher out of 5 entries, that would be Stan Phillips Farr 30 Frequent Flyer. Mike Devries old school Wilderness 30’ Special Edition would claim Ultralights division with and elapsed time of 03:43:16.

                Jens Jensen’s Express 37 Snowy Owl flew early and held off Aya Yamanouchi’s J88 Benny by a mere 6 seconds in division PHRF 02. Rodney Pimentel =’s Cal 40 Azure would take PHRF 03 AND overall corrected monhull with a 01:22 edging of Bob Walden’s Cal 39 Sea Star.

                The Shorthanded division honors went to the Broder Brother’s Melges 30’ Wet Corvette with a 0:52:12 elapsed time. Sailing her replacement to Heart of Gold, which suffered a mast shortening incident a few weeks ago, Joani Byrne won PHRF 04 on the borrowed Olsen 911s Tule Fog with a 03:55:54 elapsed time. And William Hackel sailed his Islander 36 odr Highlighter to a 12:56 victory over Eric Mueller’s Serenity in the Islander 36 Division.

                " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                  A rough 1st leg but the south bay can be a blast!


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                    I'll take too much wind over no wind everyday of the week.

                    Within reason.