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  • International 14's Have Arrived

    Over on the Richmond Riviera your local neighborhood yacht club, RYC, is hosting the i-14s worlds. RAD boats sailed by Brits, Ozzies, Italians, Canadians, Germans and bonafide US citizens.

    Mozart had too many notes 14s are Box rule, one design, mad skimming dishes with too much sail, wires, sprits and a shocking number of controls. All of which can go tickety boo at any given time. The only thing needed is stability. Fer-sure not a your grandfather’s daysailor.

    The i-14 Worlds runs from August 12-24

    Team racing this Monday and Tuesday, Aug 13th and 14th

    The real mano-a-mano is 15th-24th one race a day

    If the wind isn’t “the new normal,” Olympic Circle weirdliness

    Expect a building breeze into the near 20’s and berserkly, serial killer chop on the icy waters.

    Any future class world champ won’t necessarily be a winner more like a survivor aching for ibuprofen at the end each day.

    The website

    Guys to watch

    Brits truth be known the Brit A team ain’t here.

    Andy FitzGerald Rich Dobson

    Neale Jones Edward FitzGerald

    Andy Partington Tom Partington top ten at last worlds

    Douglas Pattison Mark Tait


    Mark Krstic James Lanati 4th @ last worlds OzNat Champ

    David Hayter Trent Neighbour

    Lindsay Irwin Andrew Perry 10th@ last worlds

    Stewart Vickery James Patterson


    Georg Borkenstein Eike Dietrich had a good 2016 worlds

    Tobias Merkel Jan-Martin Luehrs


    Jeff Causey Rory Giffen

    Paul Galvez Cameron McDonald

    Brad Ruetenik James Moody

    (shuda won the USNats! 5 outa 8 Bullets

    Two retirements killed his chances on the CityFront

    Otherwise maybe the Top US 14 guy)

    T’Other watchable Americans who shall give inconsistent chase

    Polish Mikey teams up with Evan Sjostedt

    Chad Freitas had a surprisingly good NAs

    Crashboat, The Revenge, A New Trophy

    To encourage uprightness in the face of the South Tower Demon’s worst and in recognition of the valiant efforts of crashboats assisting the upright challenged: a new trophy

    The Whaler Excedrine Headache Renewable Perpetual Trophy will be awarded daily to the most assistance needful International 14. ---As determined not by some dry footed, Breton Red trousered, CPO shirt, out of the breeze bureaucrat, [NO!] the soaking wet whaler drivers collective decide.

    This disgusting perpetual is made from the quarter of an old and possibly poorly constructed Snipe. It was a foundling boat was that got chain sawed The “trophy” is all that remains. The rest is in a landfill for archeologists, milleniums in the future, to puzzle over

    Each days “winner” will receive a bottle of excedrine and a small keeper. And maybe enough spiritual beverage(intravenously) to forget they day’s troubles.

    Their sail #s will be sharpie’d on duct taped affixed to the trophy

    An upright trophy, if there ever was one, for a very upright class.
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    I'm curious as to whether or not the class will revisit "The Hydrofoil Question" again and consider full flying foils?


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      Still running!

      Still dreaming!