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    Light Air But Beautiful Conditions Reigned Down On The Foul Weather Bluff Regatta
    By Kurt Hoehne

    Jan's Marine Photography

    Sometimes in a drifter of a race it's best to just look around and say "What a great day to be on the water!"

    Then sail into another wind hole, watch your fleet sail away and say again "What a great day to be on the water!"

    This year's Foul Weather Bluff Race was one of those. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, a reminder of why we love to live here. It was the winds that were fickle. Sometimes coming from here, sometimes from there, sometimes not at all. There were plenty of winners, and no doubt they all deserved their pickle dishes as it took a great deal of concentration and fortitude to keep focused until the finish line. A Melges 24 owned by Evan Walker and the 40' Martin designed Gray Wolf, owned by Evgeniy Goussev were a very close first and second overall.

    The most excitement came, as is often the case, at the Scatchet Head Buoy. A flooding tide made getting to the buoy and around it a bit excruciating. It's just sooooo easy to leave a bit of gelcoat behind in that situation. On approach to the turn, the boats that played the Whidbey shore escaped the worst of the current and got some puffs, while those that stayed further south were swept back when the wind died completely at times. But no worries, there were several restarts later in the race.

    Even the mighty Crossfire couldn't generate her own wind in some of holes. Nigel Barron took a trip up the rig (with a camera) and got the following shot of Nefarious. In return, Genevieve Livingston got a shot of Nigel hanging near the hounds. For good measure, Rick Donahue supplied Crossfire's track. According to Barron, Crossfire "led the fleet into at least three holes."

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery