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Farallones Island Diver Gets Great White Love Bite

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  • Farallones Island Diver Gets Great White Love Bite

    SAN FRANCISCO — The Coast Guard medevaced a man who was bitten by a shark while diving near the Farallon Islands off the coast of San Francisco, Tuesday morning.

    The crew of the research vessel NorCal 1 notified Coast Guard Sector San Francisco watchstanders that one of the divers aboard was bitten by a shark around 10 a.m. and required medical attention.

    The shark reportedly bit the man's arm, wrist and hand.

    The NorCal 1 made way toward San Francisco and met the crew of San Francisco Police Department Marine 7, who took the man aboard and began administering first aid. A Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco Dolphin crew arrived on scene and hoisted the man into the helicopter via a rescue basket.

    The Dolphin crew transported the man to Stanford University Medical Center in Palo Alto in stable condition.

    He's been identified as Ron Elliot, a commercial diver and documentary film maker who has been diving at the islands for more than 30 years, according to a NOAA Greater Farallones spokesperson.

    His recent film "Near Miss" is about the time he was almost attacked by a shark. In a previous film that he was featured in, "Devil's Teeth," Elliot said, "I've been making my living diving for sea urchins since 1978. I know my wife when I first started diving out there, I knew she was wondering what would happen if something did happen to me and nobody else was on the boat. If I did get bit, the odds of somebody being there to help me are next to nil, but that doesn't stop me from doing what I'm doing."

    It's believed Elliot was filming underwater at the time of the attack. He was picked up from a vessel called NorCal 1 and then then transferred to Stanford Medical Center by helicopter.

    NOAA's spokesperson says that Elliot is reportedly doing alright and is being treated at the hospital.
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    Lucky to not be missing a limb or big section of torso.

    NOT on my bucket list!


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      Or dead.

      I would die from a heart attack before the shark got anywhere near.


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        You mess with the bull , you gunna get the horns....