This regatta is a memorial to Grace Cheney who died too young

Got 18 boats this year all but two were carried kites

& of course women drivers only.

Seems fitting it was won by a Wabbit

That’s the fleet Grace belonged to.



Evelyn Ivie -Bad Hare day Wabbit

Kelsey Tostenson -Keala the family wabbit

Rebecca Hinden -Bambora Express 27


Jennifer McKenna Zingara Santana 22

Linda Corrado Jewel Alerion Express 28

Nice fun breeze 14s tops that never let up

Betting odds were on the big boats: Encore, Green Buffalo and Shenanigans

C’mon ebb weather leg

Maybe it was the when in doubt put up the big kite attitude at Little Harding for the leg down to Blossom. The strong ebb opened up possibilities to tight reaching wabbits and a smartly sailed Express 27 Rebecca Hinden might’ve ended up 3rd in D but since at least the Spinnaker & Pac Cups she’s gobbled up big boats like Cal 40’s rather easily. Just ahead ni 2nd was Kelsey Tosten racing a disgustingly sedate Wabbit that’s compared to the 29er she’s used to Winning was veterinarian Evelyn Ivie with significant other, Eric Menzel, on the wire.

Everyone was back to the Richmond Riviera even before the justly famous RYC Juniors came off the water from their regular Sunday program.