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The New Psycho Tiller Is Loose

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  • The New Psycho Tiller Is Loose

    The 1st Corinthian Yacht Club Midwinters were held over the weekend, with Saturday's racing finally cancelled due to lack of wind and
    a 4 knot ebb that threatened to drag the entire fleet out the gate and leave them there.

    Sunday's Racing got of to a wet and windy start with a break in the weather mid day allowing rabid racers a opportunity to burn off some of that
    pent up desire to get their race on and to break stuff. Wind was reported in the 15- 30 knot range with 7 DNF's and 26 DNC's out of the 100 boats registered.

    One of the boats that did start but had "issues" and had to retire was Jim Goldberg's new to him JPK 1080 Psycho Tiller in it's debut regatta.
    Jim took some video of the race and produce this nice clip for you all to enjoy!

    First race on our new JPK 1080 "Psycho Tiller". Fantastic conditions with winds in the low to mid 20's. Sabotaged I say, we were sabotaged!!! A couple of unfortunate events caused us to abandon racing but we'll be back for more! The short story is we cranked the jib sheet in too hard without easing the fairlead and the jib halyard cover snapped. The North 3di jib is so strong the dyneema halyard broke before the jib luff showed any signs of being too tight.

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    Looks like a fun ride!


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      Nice looking boat the JPK 1080, should be a great boat for the Bay, good luck

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      Flying Tiger 10 Metre (FT10)
      USA 15


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        Thanks guys! We're super excited about the boat and love it so far despite going through some growing pains while we learn to sail her fast. The boat is so new to us it still feels like it's not really ours yet, more like dad let us borrow the keys to the Porsche and we're just taking it out for an extended joyride. My significant other (and trimmer) thinks this boat is my mid-life crises. I told her if that's the case she may want to start preparing for my 3/4 life crises now


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          When Things Go Right

          Sometime you can spend hours on the committee boat waiting for some action to present itself and there isn't a lot to
          show for the time committed. And then there was Sunday at the Corinthian Yacht Club's 2nd Midwinter Race. With a band of moisture
          passing through in the early AM, the wet weather held off for a few hours and the winds picked up and rolled right through the start/ finish
          off Point Knox giving Roxanne a prime seat to capture the moment.

          Well done Roxanne!

          all images © Roxanne Fairbairn/

          " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

 Photo Gallery


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            Team Psycho Tiller Taking A 3rd In The Corinthian YC Finale!
            " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

   Photo Gallery


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              Looks like a sweet ride, with Drew blocking the view!