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  • 2019 SSS Corinthian

    A select selection of select images from Saturday's cool, SSS Corinthian Regatta....Working on the write up....

    These things take time....


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    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    It didn't rain, so that was good.


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      2019 SSS Corinthian: Cool, Dry and A Dash Of Fun

      2019 SSS Corinthian Regatta

      111 boats in 15 shorthanded divisions set out from Raccoon Strait on Saturday for the Corinthian Yacht Club hosted Single Handed Sailing Society’s Corinthian Race. With a 2.5 knot ebb scheduled for 1:00 PM and a chilly southerly hovering around the sub 5 knot range for the scheduled 11:00 Am 1st gun, the RC raised the AP flag for a ½ hour until the breeze appeared to be building enough to get the boats out of the strait and onto the 1st mark on the 18nm mini 3BF race. With 111 boats dancing off the Tiburon shore the 1st of 15 starts finally got underway at 11:35, Course 2 , with Point Stewart to port, Blossom Rock To Starboard, Blackaller to starboard, Southampton to Port and Little Harding to starboard and then finish.

      The multis would lead the charge and spread out across the bay with no apparent favored course apparent, some quick moving moments followed by ghosting followed by hope as the predicted westerly filled in and filled some kites. By the time the 1st multi passed Alcatraz, Rafi Yahalom’s Corsair 31 Looking Good II, the boats in her rearview all seemed to be in decent breeze, 8-10 knots and a current pushing them in the right direction. For the 1st four multis, the decision to head to the City Front made the most sense, but then the mavericks arrived with a number of boats heading to the Alcatraz cone and better wind for the ride to Blackaller.

      Darren Doud / Chris Lewis on Roshambo

      Darren Doud’s Corsair 31 Roshambo would round the yellow cylinder 1st followed by Fred Bouju / Jacques Guegau’s Diam24 Ocealys 3 in pursuit, and Chris Harveys Farrier 25 c Mojo in 3rd and then several other multi’s. Sailing well again, Nicolas Popp / Jacques Benkoski on the Beneteau Sunfast 3600, Invictus would round as 1st monohulls followed closely by Zach Anderson and Will Paxton on E-27 Motorcycle Irene, then father and son team of Pat Brown Senior and Pat Brown Jr on the E-27 Andale.

      Chris Harvey's MOJO


      The 1st single handed boat would then follow, Greg Nelsen’ Azzura 310 Outsider, then Wylie Wabbit Kwazy with Colin Moore and Mark Lazzaro, Morgan & Jordan Paxhia’s J-105 Still Pinchin and then a gaggle of Moore 24’s. Karl Robrock and Steve McCarthy had sailed SNAFU well enough to be leading at to Blossom, but then committed some “Bonehead Mistakes” according to Karl. “We planned to go to the Alcatraz Cone but chose the City Front instead. Then as we headed towards Southampton, we sunk low instead of staying high and ate a bunch of bad air from big cruisers.”

      The Moore 24 fleet would finish the day with the 3 top boats finishing within 15 seconds of each other, Joel Turmel and Dylan Ale would take the day with a 6 second victory over Peter Schoen and Roe Patterson on Mooretician and 15 second victory over Bill Erkelens and Keith Stahnke on Flying Circus.

      Joel provides some insight on what transpired:

      Dylan and I have been racing together for the last 2 1/2 years. He is typically my bow man. I let him drive so we could get the advantage of my weight on the rail. It’s a little easier calling tactics from there as well as I normally drive. I’ve really only been racing for three years so it was a big win for us.

      The racing was pretty tight especially in the end. I got a bit behind in the beginning but when coming back up from Little Harding to Blackaller I headed up to cone of Alcatraz before going to the city front and made some gains. The biggest gains for us were made from sailing from point blunt to Southampton as we sailed a VMG course directly to the Southampton. Most of the fleet sailed low to stay out of the wind shadow of angel but as I came through there was plenty of pressure. I suspect the breeze moved a little south which afforded us the opportunity. We then headed for Tiburon in Raccoon and short tacked with Peter Schoen and Bill Erkelens. I got around those two buy the little Harding buoy and then it was a drag race to the finish. The trick there was not to sail into the hole under Belvedere which we all eventually did so at that point it was just about positioning the boats at the quickest line possible for the finish. Peter and Bill put some moves on me at the finish line and almost got around, very exciting racing.

      Turns out we were the only Moore sailing with the number two as I believe I anticipated a little more breeze than the rest of the fleet. I’m not sure what their aft lowers were at but you can check in with them to see what their rig tune was that may have helped or hurt.

      The vast majority of boats would finish the race in the 15:00 hour. The 1st Multi to finish would be Darren Doud and Chris Lewis on the Corsair 31 Roshambo, crossing the line at 15:05:48, but giving time to Chris Harvey and Dan Mone on the carbon F25 c Mojo.

      Hank Easom and Vickie Sodoro take 1st DF Div 11

      The 1st mono being Nicolas Popp and Jacques Benkoski on the aforementioned Invictus at 15:21:05, which would yield them 2nd corrected in division 11.

      Memo & Mary Gidley Sailed their Elliot 10 Basic Instinct to fastest corrected mono time of 03:30:29

      And while most boats were tied up by the time the final finishers rolled across the line at 17:37:48, Jennifer Hinkel & Frances Sawyer on the Farallones Clipper Quessant, it was a nail biter for single hander Jan Hirsh on her Islander 30-2 Sweet Pea and Double Handers Cully Cobb & William Abrams aboard the Rhodes Swiftsure Chloe with a photo finish just 1 second apart.

      RESULTS by Division

      More Photos!

      Overall Results
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      " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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        Good for Joel and Dylan!

        Tough fleet to beat!


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          Should be interesting next weekend with all the debris washing down the Sacramento river.


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            Wasn't as bad as I expected last weekend, though we did come across an 8-10 piling, about the diameter of a telephone pole.


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              Originally posted by Prince of Whales View Post
              Wasn't as bad as I expected last weekend, though we did come across an 8-10 piling, about the diameter of a telephone pole.
              Yea, I think we hit it, or something else big during the race. :-( Luckily only cosmetics.