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2019 Cabo Race: Margaritaville Or Bust

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  • 2019 Cabo Race: Margaritaville Or Bust

    The 800 NM sleigh ride From Newport to Cabo gets underway this Thursday with the start of ORR 5 Division with starts
    through Sunday when the fast Multihull take wing....

    We have posted the crew lists and class breaks as well as the wind prediction for the week... Stay tuned...

    Aloha Hobie 33: Cassidy Lynch, Elliott JL James, Kyle Vanderspek

    BadPak Pac52: Artie Means, Bill Hardesty, Bruce Nelson, Collin Leon, Jon Gardner, Matt Smith, Stu Bannatyne , Tom Holthus, Ty Reed

    Blueflash J-121: Andrew Haliburton, Brian Perrin, Jarvis Brecker, Kerry Poe, Peter Casey, Scott Grealish, Sean Grealish

    Bretwalda 3 Rogers 46: Alex Hume, Bob Pethick, Chuck Skewes, Gary Warner, Ian Fournier, Jay Davis, Paul Kerber, Wally Cross

    Brigadoon Tripp 56: Brad Pantoskey, Dan Gribble, David Camerini, Jim Tyler, Ken Cooper, PJ Jacquelin, Rob Vandervort, Stephen Champtaloup

    Brown Eyed Girl Beneteau First 44.7: Craig Fletcher, Erik Waelput , James Jones, Jonathan Howard , Kristen, Louis Tuey, Mike Schrager, Trong Dinh, William Strzelewicz

    Cal Maritime Andrews 77: Ben Rohr, Bennett Zemke, Brock Paquin, Christopher Bretschger, David George, Emi Stephanoff, Erin Sprague, Gregory Newman, Hailey Thompson, Jacob Fisker-Andersen,
    Johannes McElvain Lucas Earley, Michael Orr Nolan Van Dine, Robert Moosmann, Ryan Schack, Tyler Wolk

    Chubasco Sparkman Stephens Yawl: Ben Wheatley, David Oborn, Doug Bakers, Dustin Durant, Ernie Richah, Ian Paice, Jeff Thorpe, Jim Lincoln, Joachim Aschenbrenner, Keith Kilpatrick, Michael Lowe,
    Mike van dyke, Steven Natvig, Will Durant

    Destroyer TP52: Bruce Cooper, Charles Bailey, Daniel Bailey, Daniel Geissmann, Doug McLean, James Crum, Jib Kelly, Jim Bailey, Peter Isler, Tom O'Keefe, William Bailey

    Fast Exit Andrews 40: Alan Andrews, Doug Johnstone, John Raymont, Shane Vowels, Stephen Mader, Taylor Mullin, Zack Maxam

    Good Call Swan 60FD: David Oliver, Erik Rogers, Javier Quiroz, Jeffery Brown, John Gladstone, Thomas, Will Suto

    Grand Illusion SC/70: Brian Bissell, Brooks Clark, Buddy Richley, David Clark, Jim Buckingham, John Aschieris, John Fuller, Michael Blunt, Nick Madigan, Patrick O'Brien

    Hana Ho SC/50:Andy Schwenk, Chris Chapman, Craig Page, Daniel Shine, Mark Dowdy. Michael Maloney, Michael Reed. Victor Piltch

    Ho'okolohe Farr 57: Branden Frederick, Cecil Rossi, Fuzz Foster, Hector Velarde, Lewis Starkie, Steve Dodd, Steven Rossi, Thomas Corkett

    Horizon SC/50: Andy Dippel, Ben Amen, Craig Chamberlain, Evelyn Hull, John Shulze, Kat Dippel, Kelsey Tostenson, Len Bose, Roland Fournier

    Lucky Duck SC/52: Austin Book, Brendan Bradley, Dave MacEwen, John Hansen, Michael Radziejowski, Pete McCormick, Robin Jeffers, Zac Schramm

    Marisol J/124: Giovanni Morrelli, Hancock, James Au, John Drayton, Seth Hall, Tom Pollack

    Maserati Mod 70: Carlos Hernandez Robayna, Giovanni Soldini, Guido Broggi, Matteo Soldini, Nico Maori Malingri di Bagnolo, Oliver Herrera Perez

    Medicine Man Andrews 63: Andrew Lamb, Bob Lane, Daniel Gorman, David Jones, John Busch, Justin Palm, Keith Ives, Lisa Meier, Martin Wilson, Robert Greb, Steve Steiner

    Mr. Bill Andrews 70: Billy Martin, David Happ, Don Anderson, Doug Grant, Franklyn Musto, Graham Bell, Jeffrey MacFarlane, John Jourdane, Kelsie Grant, Michael, Mike Burch, Philip Dyer

    OEX SC/70: Chuck Clay, Erik Berzins, John Sangmeister, John Turpin, Manny Moledo, Parker Mitchell, Randy Smith, Ryan Breymaier

    Onde Amo Beneteau First 40.7: Ben Smith, David Schack, Debbie Kraemer, Don Ford, Loryne Schamber, Michael Arrajj, Stephen Ashley

    Peligroso Kernan 70: Alex Camet, Ander Belausteguigoitia, Andres Akle, Chris Busch, Chris Doolittle, Clément Maestri, Danel Belausteguigoitia, Diego Berho, Erik Brockmann, Lorenzo Berho, Yon Belausteguigoitia

    PyewacketAndrews 70 Ben Mitchell, Mark Callahan, Mark Towill, Robbie Haines, Robbie Kane, Roy P. Disney, Scott Easom, Tom Addis, Torben Grael, Weisman

    Rio100Bakewell White 100: Charlie Enright, Chris Branning, Erle Williams, Jeff Messano, Jeffrey Condon, Joseph Penrod, Justin Ferris, Justin Shaffer, Manouch Moshayedi, Morgan Gutenkunst, Paul Stemler, Ryan Lynch, Sam Loughborough, Scott Mason, Sebastian Moshayedi, Tony Mutter, Troy Tindill, William Jenkins,

    Taxi DancerR/P 70: David Young, Hogan Beatie, Jeff Grange, Jim Yabsley, Kevin Miller, Malcolm Park, Mary Compton, Matthew Wachowicz, Michael Nash, Peder Lenvik, Rick Brent

    Ticket to RideHH 55: Frank Stich, Gino Morrelli, James Drozdek, Kristen Drozdek, MaryGrace Stich, Rogan Van Gruisen

    Timeshaver J-125: Blazer, Cody Schlub, Damian Craig, Keith Magnussen, Schlub, Stig Westergaard, Viggo Torbensen

    Vela SC/52: Chris Maler, Clark Davis, Dornberg, Jim Murrell, Mark Ryan, Nicholas Santos, Paco Stevens, Steve Davis

    White Cloud Brian VanderZanden, Christian Stensholt, Christopher Gilmore, James Gilmore, Mike Skillicorn, Paul Grossman

    Zero GravitySOTO 40: Clark Hardy, Eric Heim, Ivan Batanov, Marvin lee, Plamen Yanakiev, Ryan Mazzella

    Thursday March 14

    Friday March 15

    Saturday March 16

    Sunday March 17

    Monday March 18

    Tuesday March 19

    Wednesday March 20
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    Looks like a slow start, maybe Maserati gets the best window at this point.


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      Looks like offshore is the ticket this year!


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        The Cal Maritime boat looks pretty loaded up.


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          ORR5 PI Day Evening Update

          Update number 1 from Aloha in the 2019 Cabo Race.

          “Good evening all from day 1 of the 2019 Newport to Cabo Race aboard the Hobie 33 ‘Aloha’. The early morning saw 10 to 15 knots out of the east and what promised to be a peculiar weather day. We had visits from Kyle's parents, team manager Brian, family friend and sailing legend Robbie Haines, as well as our Ullman sailmaker Keith Magnussen. All wished us a safe and quick sail down the coast. Moments like this make these events that much better.

          We had a conservative start with the genoa up for maneuverability. Seconds after the gun went off as we crossed the start line, we hoisted the genoa staysail in tandem with the genoa at which point we intended to put up the Code Zero to replace the genoa. Like all good plans, this one wasn’t without hiccups as Kyle failed to hook the sail onto anything and lost it overboard as soon as he opened the bag. Fortunately, thanks to the quick reactions of the cockpit crew with Elliott on the helm and Brent and Cass on the sheets, we got the boat turned around quickly and recovered the sail from overboard without losing more than a dozen or so boat lengths.

          With a very light forecast for the day, we had anticipated very light breeze in the less than 5 knot range. In a stroke of good luck however, we quickly found ourselves cruising right along ‪at around 6 to 7‬ knots in similar winds on our way down towards Dana Point. Near Dana Point, we were able to roll into the A3 and then into the A2 around the San Onofre power plant.

          So far, everything has been working well with no insufficiencies to report. Skies are blue and winds are around ten knots as we roll into a sunset about 20 Miles off of Torrey Pines. We just recovered our second mylar balloon in our small attempt to clean up our ocean. The night ahead looks to have continuing breeze in the 10 knot range as we continue down the line in the general direction of Isla de Guadalupe some 220 miles to our south. While our current forecasts are looking to be on the lighter end of the spectrum, we are excited to be back offshore sailing towards warmer climates with sandy beaches, cold cervezas and tall margaritas. Happy Pi Day ya'll!” photo credit Ullman Newport Beach

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            1st Retirement Recorded as Marisol Leads ORR 5


            Decent returns for the 1st start fleet of ORR 5, all boats having completed at least 120nm overnight aside from Ho'okolohe,
            Cecil and Alyson Rossi's Farr 57 the lone StFYC entry, which retired shortly after yesterday's start. Seth Hall's J-124 Marisol
            is the current line honors and division leader with 155 nm under their keel. Will Durant's beautiful Sparkman & Stephens Yawl
            Chubasco with Jeff Thorpe aboard is just 6 miles off the pace bot taking the outside lane hoping to avoid the light winds predicted
            near the coast the next 2 days. Cynthia Hyde's Beneteau First 44.7 Brown Eyed Girl round out the top 3 9 miles aft of Elvis's wake.

            2 additional divisions get underway this afternoon, with the 4 SC50/52' in ORR4 in one fleet and the 7 boat ORR3 starting the slide south.

            Will Paxton will be aboard John Sangmeister's OEX for this edition of the Cabo Race and was out on water yesterday and took a few snaps of
            Thursday's start...

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              Day 2 update from aloha

              DAY 2 UPDATE FROM ALOHA

              “Hello all and happy friday from Team Aloha somewhere off the Baja Peninsula (for reference between San Quintin and Colnett.) After a very eventful night full of gybes, we found ourselves waking up to a beautiful sunrise with more clear skies and very good breeze in the 12 knot range. Though the night saw breeze dropping down to around 6 knots, we were able to maintain a little bit of momentum through the light stuff and hold our own against the larger faster boats.

              Throughout the day today we have seen a bevy of different conditions with the mornings breeze building all the way up to a spritely 17 knots for a short while before slowly easing back down. Still happily under the TRUSTY Ullman A2, we have been tossing up and dousing the spin staysail routinely as wind builds and diminishes. Dying breeze towards the shore has booted us back offshore in the general direction of the very sharky Guadeloupe. We can all be sure there will be no short swim stops any time soon.

              With dolphin escorts becoming almost routine, we were pleasantly surprised to have spotted a sea turtle off of our starboard rail today. This sea life coming as a very welcomed changed from the abundance of trash that we saw floating out on our way to hawaii last summer.

              Today happens to be Cassidy's birthday and we celebrated it with a round of beers and a hearty meal of italian peppered steak, all very tasty and definitely the body and the spirits.

              As the sunsets on our second day out here, we are continuing to hope for the nice north western breeze that is pushing us along right now to keep up under a starry and moonlit night. As we continue to roll south, it is already very evident that the warmer weather is fast approaching with heavy layers already making their way back into permanent storage in favor of lighter long sleeves and floppy hats. Looking forward to see what the powers that be will bring us this weekend in the way of breeze and sunshine as we continue our journey south. Aloha everyone.”
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                Saturday 10:00 Update

                pics courtesy nhyc drone

                11 Additional boats joined the reverse migration as the Caravan to Cabo more than tripled in size in Friday.

                The 4 Santa Cruz 50 somethings and 7 ORR3 Handicappers took a slightly more inside the rumbline than their ORR5 counterparts
                to San Diego before moving offshore with Viggo Torbensen's J-125 Timeshaver sliding offshore and to an early lead in the early evening
                before relenting to the waterline of Tom Barker's Swan 60'FD Good Call which was making near 10 knots round midnight before things got a tad lighter.

                The overall feet and standings

                Thursday's ORR5 starters currently show Cynthia Hyde's Beneteau First 44.7 Brown Eyed Girl with a narrow corrected lead over Will Durant's
                Sparkman & Stephens Yawl Chubasco, yet Seth Hall's J-124 Marisol with 529 nm to the cold cervezas is, for now still the line honors leaders.
                The 3 boats mentioned seem content on matching gybe for gybe as they work their way south. But don't stamp any names in any pickle dishes just yet,
                Kyle Vanderspek's Hobie 33' Aloha has found better pressure on the outside, and while sailing a greater distance, are in position to leverage their flyer
                into redeemable tokens on the podium.

                The 4 boats in ORR 4 have broken into two sets at this point with Dave MacEwen's SC52 Lucky Duck and Steven Davis's SC 52 Vela on the western edge
                with John Shulte's SC 50 Horizon currently division leader with 641 nm to go being covered by Mark Dowdy's SC 50 Hana Ho just 6 miles aft.

                In ORR 3, John Raymont's Andrews 40' Fast Exit currently holds the corrected lead in class and seems to
                be matching hull speed with Viggo Torbensen's J-125 Timeshaver at 7.1 knots vmg. With 208nm under her keel thus far,
                Tom Barker's Swan 60FD Good Call is leader of miles sailed but 3rd in division corrected.

                11 additional boats are readying for their starts in ORR2 and ORR1 this afternoon, 5 Sleds in ORR 2
                and and intriguing matchup with Manouch Moshayedi's RIO 100' head to head with Tom Holthus's PAC 52 Badpack

                Stay tuned

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                  Early AM Siesta For Saturday Starters While Small Boats Excell

                  Onboard BadPak at Saturdays ORR1 Start

                  Light air dominated the 1st day for ORR1 and ORR2 in the 2019 Cabo Race, and at the 10:00 update,
                  the big, fast boats were in about the same position that the Thursday starters in ORR5 were for the same time period.

                  Light conditions for Saturday's racing. Image courtesy NYYC Cabo Race

                  The near complete fleet spread out along the Mexican Coast


                  The big boats in ORR1 found some decent wind shortly after the start and had made their way to the border by 21:00 but then
                  things went south. Literally. By 0500 this AM off the coast of Ensenada, a RIO 100 who had enjoyed a nice pace and building lead found herself dropping to 1 knot
                  while the rest of the class caught up and headed west. The tight pack could not sustain momentum and by day break, the light air bubble reached them and
                  provided an early morning siesta. Pressure appears to be "just over there" and if they can swim out to it, they can break free before the wind turns southerly,
                  they can make up for lost time.

                  The recent time for ORR1 looks sad, and if conditions remain the same, RIO 100 would need
                  45 days to finish....


                  The sleds also all made it to the border by 21:00 last night side by side, then Mr Bill and OEX made a westerly break from the pack
                  where things got light and the 3 other boats, Taxi Dancer, Grand Illusion and Pyewacket made decent southerly progress in the 6 to 7 knot range
                  until about 04:00 this morning at which time Taxi Dancer headed west and started chasing OEX and Mr Bill. Meanwhile TD and Pye have sailed themselves into the
                  same hole that has devoured ORR1


                  The OOR3 fleet has made steady progress the past 24 hours with VMG's all in the 6 plus
                  range. Timeshaver leads on corrected while Good Call leads in miles sailed with the odometer
                  clicking at 426 nm completed, 448 to go.


                  The SC 50/52's had a reunighting late last night off Guadalupe Island before Hana Ho made a dash towards shore.
                  The fleet has also enjoyed decent VMG's in the 6.3 and 6.6 range. Horizon is current division leader with a 3 hour plus
                  corrected time advantage over Lucky Duck at this point with 486nm to go.


                  The ORR gang have just passed Punta Eugenia, remain just ahead of ORR 4. Aloha has sprung back a bit from her flyer
                  and as predicted used her outside angle to sail into the lead, albeit a narrow one of 42 minutes over Chubasco
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                    Maserati Withdraws From Cabo Race

                    MOD 70 Maserati has withdrawn from 2019 Cabo Race.

                    With forecast models looking dismal for the next few days in the SoCal Northern Mexico offshore waters,
                    and no real competition, there seems to be no reason for the crew to task the boat and themselves for
                    little reason, would be the uneducated guess. Will follow up when official announcement is made!
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                      Looks like RIO pull the plug as well.


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                        Monday Morning Update : 2019 The Year Of The Little Guy?

                        With 256 nm to the finish, Cynthia Hyde's Beneteau First 44.7 Brown Eyed Girl is in a dead heat for line honors
                        at this moment with Will Durant's Sparkman & Stephen Yawl Chubasco and Seth Hall's J-124 Marisol
                        with just minutes separating on corrected, each making a respectable 5.8 knots VGM since start. If they can
                        stay in pressure, they may be able to stave off the rush from behind of boats from ORR 4 and ORR 3 boats.

                        Back up the track, Saturday's Starters of ORR 1 have found the race track quite sticky with dismal
                        returns for time spent, 24 hour VMG of 3.5 knots for Tom Holthus's PAC52 Badpak, 2.1 knots for Jim Bailey's
                        TP52 Destroyer, 2.3 knots for Lorenzo Berho's Kernan 70 Peligroso and 1.6 knots for Bob Lane's
                        Andrew's 63 Medicine Man. Yesterday afternoon, Manouch Moshayedi's RIO 100 saw the writing on the wall
                        and turned back, and arrived in San Diego around daybreak this morning

                        Life in the sled fleet has also been tough. John Sangmeister's OEX is the current 24 hour leader with a 4.7 VGM
                        over the past 24 hours, they took the outside route near Guadalupe Island along with David Happs's Mr Bill and were rewarded
                        with better pressure than current division leader Roy Disney's Pyewacket, who along with Jim Yabsey's Taxi Dancer took the rhumbline rout overnight
                        and got a case of the slows.

                        ORR 3 has enjoyed the best over VMG of all divisions with no boats slower than 6.0 and a resounding 7.6 knot for
                        Tom Barker's Swan 60FD Good Call, currently in 4th for line honors and 647 nm under their keel thus far.
                        John Raymont's Andrews 40' Fast Exit is current division leader with just a 5 minute corrected advantage over
                        Viggo Torbensen's J-125 Timeshaver.

                        ORR 4 has become a 2 boat race between John Shulze's SC 50 Horizon and Dave MacEwen's
                        SC52 Lucky Duck With just over 300nm to the finish and 39 minutes separating the two,
                        keeping the boat speed up on a consistent basis and avoiding light patches will determine class winner.

                        As mentioned before, the Thursday's Child's of ORR 5 are just 250 nm to Cabo and will
                        need a lucky break to hold off the Friday Starters, keeping them in pressure while easing
                        it up for the boats in ORR 4 & 3 in slightly less pressure for the final approach. The models
                        are suggesting that this may indeed come to fruition. Stay tuned!
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                          RIO 100 for sale


                          RIO 52 for sale


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                            Is MM getting out of the sailing business?


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                              Good Call gaining momentum!