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  • Spring Triple Treat

    March 23rd showed promise. In years gone by, the winds of March were consistent. Persistent even.
    But the winter of 2018-2019 has been consistently wet with few sunny breaks and the predictable NW clearing winds not in the forecast. This Saturday’s prognosis was different. NW winds 15-25 in the afternoon. Now that is more like it.

    As March rolls into the SF Bay Area, sailors switch from midwinter mode to events that have Spring in their titles. It’s like magic, leprechaun sauce and Mardi Gras all rolled into one. Days are getting warmer; the nights shorter and tee shirts and shorts emerge from the closet. The forecast was for mostly sunny conditions and temps finally climbing out of the 50’s.
    On tap this day, the Oakland Yacht Clubs Rites of Spring Regatta, the Sausalito Yacht Club’s Jaws Pursuit Race, and SFYC’s Rosenblum Regatta, and if time allows, the StFYC’s Spring Dinghy.

    The SFYC’s Rosenblum Regatta is part of their Club Championship series and consisted of a two buoy races between Knox and Yellow Bluff. 33 boats in 4 handicap divisions. Simple, short and sweet racing in 10-20 knots. Get the racing done and a short trip to the YC for festivities and awards. Division winners:

    Div1 Trygve Liljestrand & Ragtime J 90
    Div2: Will Baylis/Rich Bergsund Orca Moore 24
    Div3: Peter Campfield/Kurt Jordan Blue Ribbon J105
    Div 4: Martin Koffel Kookaburra Bird Boat

    (gallery forthcoming)

    Sharing the same waters for at least part of the course, The Sausalito YC’s Jaw’s Pursuit Race, which started and ended off the SYC and the headed easterly in a very stout 3 knot flood and wind starting in the 12-15 knot range and building. The 24 boats competing in the 10.3 nm course then had their choice of route while rounding Little Harding, Blossom and Red 4 east of Point Blunt. After negotiating the SFYC fleet it was a judgment call on direction to go and where to find favorable current or current relief. For those choosing the Blossom 1st, it was wise to hold off the chute until you were certain you would clear Alcatraz, and from our perspective, it was a greater challenge than one expected.

    Both Nimbus and Psycho Tiller had to harden up hard to squeak past the west side of Little Australia but were rewarded with a very fast run to Blossom afterward. Good pressure for a reach to Red 4 followed for the CCW fleet that were met on the way by the clockwise contingent. It would now be a contest against the current for the beat to the finish. The Clockwisers would be able to utilize some cone relief off Alcatraz and steadier winds while the CCW Crew saw heaps of current relief from Angel Island but less pressure.

    Results seemed to be a mixed bag, however Chuck Cihak’s J-105 Hazardous Waste wasted no time and nipped Lana Chang and Sidekick on the JPK 1080 Psycho Tiller II by 2seconds and Greg Arkus’s J-105 Streaker 5 seconds after in 3rd.
    (non spin results missing)

    Jaws Pursuit Gallery

    Getting permission to sleep in late, the fleet from the Oakland YC’s Rites of Spring didn’t get started off the Bezerkely Flats until 13:00. By the then, the NW’s had filled in quite nicely and good pressure was on for the 25 boats in 6 divisions sailing on the 16.70 nm course 6. From the end of the Berkeley Pier up to Harding Rock, a fast reach across the bay to Blackaller Buoy, avoid some dinghy’s off the StFYC and then down the central bay taking a right to the Bay Bridge and into the estuary to the finish at the OYC’s dock.

    Fred Buoju’s Diam 24 Ocealys 3 led the fleet the entire race was really demonstrating what the boat was capable of in the 20 knot plus breeze, and had a 10 minute lead when they passed under the Bay Bridge. All the boats had exceptional wind around the course and all the way down the Estuary all the way to the finish. But here is where things wen awry for the Ocealys3 team. Apparently not familiar with the finish line, they struggled to find it, and only after seeing the boats in their wake locate the faded sphere just off the OYC’s dock and finish ahead of them, did they get back up to the mark and finish. Todd Olsen’s F-31 WaterWings would take line honors, 18 seconds ahead of Mark Zimmers F-25c Khimaira, and ironically 10 minutes ahead of Ocealys 3. Mark Gardner;s F-27 Peregrine Falcon would correct out for fastest corrected time of 02:09:04 for the entire fleet and multihull division.

    The 1st monohull to finish was Kevin Clark’s Melges 24 Smokin, crossing the barely visible line at 15:53:53, sailing double handed, 6 minutes and 7 seconds ahead of Laurence Baskin’s Express 37 Bullet, and Smokin also corrected out ahead of entire fleet, eclipsing Peter Cooks’s Ultimate 24’ fully crewed For Pete’s Sake by 9 seconds…
    Complete finish list:

    RoS Gallery
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Leprechaun sauce.

    Need to acquire some of that!


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      The Good: 2 seconds between us and the 1st place boat. The Bad: 2 fricken painful seconds between us and a 1st place! However it was a gorgeous sunny, warm day (finally!) which brought the arrival of the spring/summer winds (also, finally!). No spinnaker footage, the camera somehow switched to "burst photo" mode for the first 2/3's of the race. Amazing job by Psycho Tiller's crew, "The Nut Jobs". Amazing how well they sail once we removed the strait jackets!,
      " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery