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Envolee Takes DH Light Ship

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  • Envolee Takes DH Light Ship

    Nathalie Criou and Brian Boschma take line honors in today's Double Handed Lightship Race hosted
    by the Island Yacht Club.... more to follow!

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    Nice win for the single handers teaming up!

    Not to shabby for the Lowly Worm, and Wolfpack but where is White Trash?


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      Were exemptions given for lack of lifelines ?


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        See how Envolee did it:
        From Jibeset RaceTV
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          Originally posted by PSutchek View Post
          Were exemptions given for lack of lifelines ?
          Yes, for the Moore 24 class. They had jack lines and other required safety items for an offshore event.


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            2019 Doublehanded Lightship: Envolee Takes Line Honors, Moores Correct Out Overall

            Saturdays Double Handed Lightship Race, the 25nm jaunt out to SF Bay Entrance buoy and back to the GGYC and hosted by the Island YC,
            came just one week after the Double Handed Farallones, indicating that the Nor Cal offshore racing season is in full swing.

            With light winds at the start and a very sizable 8-12 long period swell hitting the coast, 23 dedicated doublehanded crews made their way out the gate
            fighting the beginnings of predicted 2.3 knot flood. While 23 boats might seem like a small sample size, the quality of competition among these teams is
            unforgiving, and any trip outside past the demarcation line in springtime is a challenge of nerves and seamanship with a heaping helping of camaraderie
            tossed in for free.

            With pressure outside climbing into a manageable 15-18 knot range, the key to success would be utilizing what little remaining ebb was left departing the
            strait, and playing the building breeze correctly and compensating for a very aggressive south to north current at the end of the shipping channel.

            Gearing up for a run in this years R2AK, Nathalie Criou's Beneteau Figaro 2 Envolee which Nathalie usually races single handed, will have a full crew for the
            Alaskan odyssey, but today, she would be teaming up with fellow single handed sailor Brian(Seldom Seen) Boschma. Competing in division 2 with rating under 100,
            would be tight, especially with the perennial line favorites, California Condor with Buzz Blackett and Jim Antrim tugging on strings, and the sneaky fast team of Andrew Hamilton and Pete Trachy
            on the Donovan 30 Wolfpack in the mix.

            One can almost always tell when the 1st boats from the offshore races are coming in by scouring the horizon for Condor's broad shouldered fathead main surfing the distant swells, well before the
            next kite appears off in the distance. And this edition would be no different except, this time, the massive asymmetrical kite which is usually tugging in front of said main was missing. And as Condor passed Mile Rock, she seemed to veer off towards China Beach instead of heading up to the Gate as per the script. As this was evolving and one was wondering if Condor perhaps had unintentionally pulled
            a crabpot and was looking to redeposit it elsewhere, a few other boats began a more direct mid channel course, and leading the pack, would be Envolee enroute to her 1st line honors victory in the DHLS.

            We'll allow Nathalie the floor to describe the day:

            "We started around slack time with still a bit of ebb in the central channel but mostly flood establishing itself. The wind was really light but there was enough to cross the line - we stayed outside the main channel as the flood started to be strong there and because we noticed that wind filling in from shore and next to the south tower. We were focusing on the sliver of wind we could get and tried to stay in the current cone of the South Tower. Boats in the deep water channel started to move back. We just sail to every wind line we saw. We managed to cross the bridge against 2 knots of adverse current and aimed at Baker Beach in an effort to sail in less current. The wind then picked up enough for us to just point the bow at the lightship on a fairly loose beat. We opted to stay in current as the North shore (protected from current) had much lighter winds and the southern side would have been a lot of extra distance. We could see a wind line comes from the west toward us and it reached us about 0.5 miles past the bridge. The boat then took off and we say 10 to 16 knots of breeze all the way to the lightship which we could get to on one tack. The swell was huge but the Figaro handles big waves easily, we put on the ballasts and settled for the ride, swapping driving duties to stay fresh. Boat speed was good despite pretty big wind shifts and we started to pick up the boats that were lighter and had gotten ahead of us in the light wind conditions. It rained in the morning and there was heavy fog but skies cleared throughout the day."

            "We rounded the lightship in second position a few seconds behind the first boat, transferred the ballasts to the other side and got ready to hoist the kite. We made a mistake as the kite halyard wasn't high enough and we lost precious time and cycle figuring this out, dropping the Genoa, etc...We should have use the autopilot briefly so that both of us could have been used for the maneuvers and make this more speedy, in hindsight this is what cost us precious minutes as the boat next to us was still keeping up with us, despite flying a giant Genoa and no kite. The wind speed increased to 20 gusting to 25 knots but as soon as we trimmed the kite and main correctly, the boat took off and we saw again the 9-10-14 knot boat speeds. We couldn't surf as the waves were coming from the south and were pushing us off course - So it was slower than the previous race - however we were able to sail 10 to 15 degrees higher than we were able to do the previous weekend."

            "We had a couple of round ups but they had a very fast recovery as the minute the leeward rudder started to bite again we were off, it was mostly in a very sudden gusts and not being to adjust the sails. Because we were sailing so hot though, the minute the kite collapse, we could regain control of the boat easily. Most of the time though, by coming up in the lighter breeze (18 to 20 knots) and heading down in the heavier things, given that the apparent wind would move forward and given the flood current, we were pretty much on track for the bridge but keeping the boat fast required a lot of physical work. We also got pretty wet from water washing on deck. As soon as the kite went up, our speed shot up and we started to leave the other boats behind."

            "Because of halyard mislabeling Brian had some point thought he was hosting the kite when it was putting the Genoa backup which we then had to go forward for one more time!"

            "We stayed in the main channel as we were benefiting from flood current still and then made for the finish line. Still at a hot angle in the relatively lighter wind in the Bay helped us counter the effect of the early ebb near shore. By then the other boats started to hoist their kite near the bridge."

            "We crossed the line first but corrected out 2nd - we probably could have avoided that with a set of faster maneuvers post kite hoisting - who lives learns!"

            Team Envolee would take line honors with an elapsed time of 05:07:28, a 4M 23s elapsed time win but yielding corrected division win to the aforementioned Wolfpack of 10 minutes and change.

            But let's not forget the mighty Moores, led bay Scott Nelson and Mike Radziejowski aboard Lowly Worm, sailing under the gate with Scotts inflatable life vest fully inflated and hat long since washed overboard, taking corrected overall with a 04:20:11 corrected score, followed by Banditos with John Kernot and Steve Carroll, Firefly with Joel Turmel and David Gee and then Mooretician with Peter Schoen and Roe Patterson all managing to correct into the top 5 positions.

            A tad further back in Division 1, the greater than 101 group Chris Jordan and Colin Richard aboard the Express 27 Pork Chop Express would enjoy an elapsed time of 06:12:31 and corrected time of 05:18:46 to win F2F division bragging rights over 2nd boat J-30 Friction Loss sailed by Jenny Thompson and Kim Stuart.

            Only one multihull answered the call this go round, Clifford Shaw and Gregory Yankelovich on the Crowther 10m trimaran, winning their division outright with no competition!


            " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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              Congrats to Envolee and The Worm!


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                A few of the DNF's were flushed back into the Bay before the start, never made it back to starting line.


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                  The Worm Report

                  Mighty Moore’s have another great showing at the Double handed lightship race taking 4 of the top 5 overall corrected spots!! Lowly worm taking the overall win followed by Banditos, Wolf Pac ( 2 great Moore sailors ) Firefly and Mooretician. Lowly Worm reports;

                  DHL Worm report ……
                  How the hell did those two knuckle heads know where to go ??? Well it was easy, I got the hot tip from coach Dave Hodges. We looked at the wind forecast and the tide charts, the gears started turning in Dave’s head…. He said go left for current relief heading out, and right going in, Sweet… we had a plan.

                  We had a decent start with a little puff that pushed us ahead of most of the fleet, then stopped dead and rolled by everyone. But we had a plan and we were sticking to it. So, we slowly worked are way to the south tower following the Wolf Pac A- loot- trash. Tacked and headed in toward mile rock, we had just enough pressure to keep us moving forward. About halfway to mile rock we looked back, and most of the fleet was going backwards. Dude its working, we need beers and tunes, so I jump down below to Que up some Bob Marley and grab a couple cold ones…… poooooooof, the manual cord on my PFD had come out and got snagged on the hatch. Mike was laughing in my face before the thing could fully inflate. No problem I have a spare cartridge I’ll just do I quick reload, oh wait its in the truck!!!!

                  So we made it out of the bay with the Wolf Pac and Banditos ahead us, flopped over to port and the drag race began. We were a bit over powered with the J2 and that mixed sea state was terrible
                  , but we made it work. Banditos was to in front and leeward of us, they where block by the jib so we didn’t have constant visual with them. We sent it straight out the main channel, by the time we got to close to the last mark I look over and see Banditos way low. We looked at the chart plotter, we were right on course. I don’t know why they went so low, But thanks John for the early x-mas gift. We tacked at the Lightship with the Condor and headed off to mile rock. When we got about a quarter mile for mile rock we saw something going on with the condor, we were about set but held off for a few minutes to see what was going on with the condor, didn’t hear any chatter on any of our 3 radios. After a few minutes they got it together a sailed off. So, we set, had to gybe to clear the south tower, then back to starboard for finish.

                  Thanks Karl for all your hard work, I probably would have skipped this one if it wasn’t for you pushing the offshore thing. Thanks Syd Moore for the use of your life sling and jack lines, and of course Mike Radziejowski for sailing with me

                  Hope to See Ya All in Santa Cruz for the PCCs!

                  Team Worm 2.0
                  " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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