A visit to the BYC Wheeler course at the scheduled start time of High Noon paid little dividends as a dark cloud lingered overhead
with none wind and wet stuff falling from it as boats motored about waiting for the wind to build from the predicted south.

Over to the West, J-Fest seemed to be enjoying a fresh batch of SW winds. The motto of going where the wind blows came to mind and off we went,
but kept an eye to the east just in case they sent the fleet in a westerly direction. As it turns out, the breeze did finally settle in, but with a bit more
south in it so the fleet done done course course 1, a beat to Blossom then back down to T2 then back to finish... Approximately 6nm.

Than later, the wind shifted yet again and the fleet managed to get a two lap 5nm course 8 in.
A westerly jaunt up the the red channel marker 4, back to T2 back to the red marker 4 then a dash
to the finish and the Oyster fest the the BYC. It's a drag they don't doordash them for the poor working
slobs that have to hightail it back to the harbor and put their boat away... c'est la vie!

Results for the deep water race below and further below, way down at the bottom, results for the whole regatta!