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Oakland Alameda Estuary Derelict Boats Confiscated And Destroyed

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  • Oakland Alameda Estuary Derelict Boats Confiscated And Destroyed

    KTVU's Tom Vacar Reports

    Video Link

    OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) - California waterways belong to everybody, but some people think the rules don't apply to them. The Oakland Police, seeing a rising number of abandoned and illegal live aboard boats, swept the Oakland-Alameda Estuary today after having posted warnings for months on the offending boats.

    Using state grant money, Oakland Police, working with Alameda Police, used their patrol boats to locate and tow away abandoned, derelict and illegal boats from public docks, marina docks and anchored in open water.

    "Boats left completely abandoned are just creating a hazard to the marine life, environment and people operating on the water," said Officer Kaleo Albino of the Oakland Police Department.

    Ten boats were scheduled for seizure or, in a few cases, voluntary surrender for free disposition. They were brought to the Oakland Aquatic Center where a large backhoe pulled them out, detoxified them, broke them up and sent them off to a landfill.

    Some folks, despite months of repeated warnings, upon finding their boats gone, showed up very angry.

    One man screamed, "Yeah, everything. My entire life is in there." But, the harbormaster of five estuary marinas is not moved.

    "Typically these boats aren't registered or insured. They don't have proper sanitation and the people tend to live off the land which often means whatever they can steal out of marinas," said Oakland Marinas Harbormaster Brock De Lappe.

    Some boats slip free of their moorings and become hazards to navigation. Rowing coach Maggie Simpson has been using the estuary for a decade as a rower and teacher.

    "With the derelict boats it gets very dangerous because they actually get unmoored and they float out into the waterway. So, when we’re practicing we actually have to dodge these boats," said Simpson.

    Then there's the scary side. "A lot of times when we search these boats, we'll find remnants of narcotics, stolen property, and HAZMAT. We have found multiple boats in the past being used as what you would call a meth lab," said Officer Albino.

    That make them a serious fire hazard. "It's a bit unusual, but were seeing an increase," said the officer.

    If this didn't go on, on a fairly regular basis then there would be a lot of derelict boats in the estuary. That would deny the people of Oakland and Alameda and visitors a really nice place to come, not to mention the fact of hazards to navigation and a toxic threat as well.
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    While some of them are down and out and the boat is their last resort of dignified housing, destroying them with all their possessions
    is a tad bit inhumane. No you have more people living on the streets.

    Must be some other way.

    My 2 cents.


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      The mt bikes on the Pearson (?) with ladders would indicate the boat wasn't abandoned.


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        Interesting that Maggie Simpson would claim that they get loose and become a hazard to navigation when the rowing teams themselves are a hazard to navigation.


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          Stupid waste.


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            I would have given them $100.00 for the Santana


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              Who takes a backhoe into salt water and demolishes still usable sailboat on a public boat ramp?



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                So, word has it that the guy making the commotion DID have current registration.

                With the USCG. AND permission to anchor out near Government Island until this weekend when he was going to move boat to Benicia.



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                  Local government overreach and iron fist enforcement policies.

                  Bad juju.


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                    Heads should roll.



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                      Boat Owner Crushed Over Crushed Boat

                      By Jana Katsuyama, KTVU REPORTS

                      Timothy Cramer says Wednesday morning he was on his sailboat anchored in a cove along the Oakland estuary near Coast Guard island.
                      "I was completely out of everybody's way. It was not abandoned," said Cramer pointing the place where he says he'd been repairing his 33-foot sailboat.

                      He says he was fixing the vessel so he could sail it up to Benicia where he had a slip at a marina. He says an Oakland police sergeant approached him, told him the sailboat needed to move, but gave him one day to move the boat.

                      "Oakland PD, that's Oakland water, gave me 24 hours to be there," said Cramer.
                      When he finally tracked it down, he says he was shocked to see a backhoe had punched a hole through the deck and was loading pieces into a dumpster to be taken away.

                      Alameda police say they'd been asked by Oakland police to assist in a sweep of the estuary, removing derelict, abandoned, or unsafe boats from the water that had been tagged weeks or months before.
                      Cramer says his boat had been tagged last month after it had drifted in the estuary. He says he'd moved it from a private dock to the cove by the April 20th deadline.

                      He says it was federally registered with the Coast Guard and shouldn't have been towed. A Coast Guard official confirmed the registration, but says the law does not require local agencies to notify them.
                      "He does have a registered documentation with the coast guard a federal registration rather than with the state," said Lt. junior grade Courtney Hanson, a Coast Guard spokeswoman, "This is a local jurisdiction issue so we don't need to be notified in instances such as this."

                      Cramer says he's still in shock and wiped away tears as he talked.
                      He says the boat was his home and he'd poured hours of work into fixing it up.

                      He says he's a carpenter and says the backhoe that punched a hole in through the deck also destroyed his carpentry tools stored below that he needs to work

                      "My entire life was in there. I had lasers, I had floats, I had...I'm a contractor. I had all my tools in the berth. They bent lasers, they destroyed levels," said Cramer.
                      Cramer says he was able to salvage a few things. Those are now packed into his SUV.

                      "It was my home. I am now homeless," Cramer said, "I want the money that boat was worth, my tools were worth. I want to have the ability to get a place to live. I mean that was my everything."
                      Cramer says he'll have to live in his SUV for the time being, until he gets the situation sorted out. He says he has contacted attorneys and is considering legal action.
                      " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                        Thanks for the follow up PoW!
                        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                          Nice that they announced it to the media so they could record it.


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                            Some people should never be given badges