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TransPac Entry Ran Tan II Drops Keel And Drops Out

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  • TransPac Entry Ran Tan II Drops Keel And Drops Out

    The Elliot 50, Ran Tan lost her keel while in transit to Los Angeles and the crew have been picked up by a nearby
    Mexican fishing boat. Here are some of the edited reports from the Ran Tan Social Media Page:

    An update on Ran Tan II.
    At 0530 this morning the keel let go completely and disappeared into the deep blue Pacific ocean. Ran Tan is still upright and stable in the slight seas. Liferaft and dinghy launched. Boys just had a cold beer, crackers and cheese. Waiting patiently for their next ride, a 1000 ton Mexican tuna boat out of Ensenada. They are about 4 hours away.
    Thank you so much for all the messages of support and encouragement.
    Unfortunately it looks like a sad end to a very fine yacht.

    Many thanks to everyone for your concerns and support. It has been a busy afternoon.

    Key points at this stage are that the crew is onboard Ran Tan, safe and fully trained and equipped to handle the situation.
    The weather in the area is relatively mild, and expected to remain that way for some time. The appropriate authorities are actively coordinating the next steps.

    Ran Tan Racing Hi all. Again, many thanks for the messages of support, thoughts and wishes. It has been an emotional journey dealing with these events, but I'm so impressed and thankful for the work that the Wellington Rescue Centre and the US Coast Guard in Honolulu have put in on behalf of our team of three sailors out here. In the attached screenshot Ran Tan is the Pleasure vessel noted. They may be a long way from the nearest land but there are an amazing number of ships, yachts, boats, tugs etc out there also. US Coast Guard will alert us when they are able to contact a suitable vessel to rendezvous with Ran Tan. The boys have got the fridge ready to go, so at least they'll have cold beers in the liferaft while they wait.

    Ran Tan II is a 50ft Canting Keel Racing Yacht designed by Greg Elliott and built by Salthouse Boatbuilders in 2006. The objective of the page is to share information, photos and videos of the events in the sailing life of Ran Tan II and its eclectic crew.

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    2016 - Balokovic Cup Race - 4th on Line
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