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  • What would it take

    to get the "Berkeley Circle" restored and maintained? It's been years...half the buoys are gone.

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      I was YRA Chairman when YRA began to abandon the Oly Circle. Yes, dredging, but an impractically large area to even think about. Not just a channel; the whole area; several square miles. The buoys on the East side were unusable except for small boats (Tunas, etc.) - and even then "iffy" at a very low tide. Racing was turning to W/L courses with temporary marks so race committees could set a "true" course, that meant even the useable buoys on the Circle was not used very much for their original "Olympic Course" purpose. The BYC was the only club that used some of the buoys on a regular basis. Other clubs used a buoy here or there as the leeward mark on a longer course. YRA was registered with the CG for the buoy permits and was able to transfer several to other clubs who were able to move them to other nearby locations. Attempts to transfer the permits outside the general OC area were denied. Most of the buoys were steel balls in bad shape needing replacement and the CG was asking for foam markers instead of steel. A permanent buoy is a very expensive item when you consider the ground tackle, the buoy itself, and the cost of a crane and divers. Even more expensive since they need to be maintained on a regular basis; it's amazing how quickly chain erodes and how much it costs for a diver to go down and find the other end if it breaks. Most clubs now have the ability to place and retrieve inflatable marks for their races or use government marks. I don't think a permanent set of Oly Circle buoys will be happening. Pat Broderick, former YRA Chairman


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        I didn't think about the dredging issue. Good point.