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  • GGYC's 12-meters

    For some reason the other night I got to thinking where the old E-1 and R-1. GGYC 12-meters had got to. E-1 sat for years at Andersons in Sausalito, with the "Duraflame" ad stripes slowly peeling off of it.

    does anybody know where the geek boat and it's predecessor are, now?

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    They were the StFYC boats. No clue. Stephen's Brothers built one of them (the first?) and was stiffed of the payment, causing them to go under and sell their business. So much for the 'glory days of the syndicates', as they stiffed a lot of marine businesses.


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      Why did I write GGYC? I have no idea.


      I didn't know the syndicate stiffed Stephens.


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        The very last entry is for USA-1...12 meter, says it was scrapped in 2008. I think that's E-1.


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          I have pictures somewhere of three 12 meters, USA, Heart of America, and Canada 2 racing in the Oakland/Alameda Estuary as part of a fund raising, promotional gig. They pretty much used the Encinal YC Friday night course and match raced 2 boats at a time. However for the last race on the Sunday they let all three boats race at once. I think Buddy Melges on Heart of America won the race and the series, and Tom Blackaller was last seen peeling out of the EYC parking lot in a very foul mood.


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            Nice to know that the geek is still sailing!!


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              I kept my Newport 30 a few berths down from Ron Anderson's Yard at Clipper YH in Sausalito. The SfFYC bought 2 Solings and converted them to "foil" boats. They'd tow out in the morning and tow back in in the afternoon. The divers would jump in and "skirt' the foils and keels, then hoist them out for a night of work. Same thing the next day. Then the StFYC built a 2-boat building with slots in the roof and the 2 12 Meters arrived. Same drill: in, out, skirt, and into the shed with their masts sticking out of the roof and doors shut. Work all night. The wind blew during the hoists in and out and if you were there you pretty much knew what was going on under the skirts: two foils for steering and a narrow keel with a torpedo at the bottom. And then Buddy and the Canadians showed up with their conventional 12s. Heart of America played the skirt game, putting their boat over in a corner in Anderson's yard all skirted up. The Canadians were so poor they couldn't afford a skirt. They couldn't even afford housing, so rigged a sail from their boat's boom down to the asphalt, held down by cinder blocks and sleep under the boat. Elaine Zozack, a very old friend and "navigator" on my boat brought them casseroles and other food. Several came along on Sausalito YC evening beer cans and were great company. I'd take them down to the SYC for burgers and daily (evening) prizes. There are several SYC Old Fashioned Glass Awards somewhere in Canada. One of the Solings rested upside down on a shipping container in the back of Ron's yard until the yard was closed. I don't know what its fate was.


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                Remember that event well, they sailed right past our boat in her Jack London West marina (the 'ghetto') up and down the course. Good times!