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Ringing In New Decade With Seaweed Soup

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  • Ringing In New Decade With Seaweed Soup

    A beautiful start to the 2020 sailing season at the Golden Gate YC's Manuel Fagundes Seaweed Soup Regatta.
    Overnight a weak front pushed through the Bay Area and wiped the atmosphere crystal clear, leaving unlimited
    visibility and mostly sunny skies with just enough cumulus in the area for ambiance and contrast.

    With a gentle northerly wind and mild ebb, the RC fired off the 1st race of 2020 on time, sending the entire fleet on a 4.5 mile course 10, Start, St Francis A buoy to starboard
    then a cross bay leg to Harding Rock followed by another cross bay leg to Ft Mason and finish. The 1st 3 divisions were on there way when the breeze faded to a whisper before
    a shift to the northwest and filled in nicely. But in that period, the early boats had drifted out to meet the new wind while the final 3 division went into a 1 hour postponement.

    As it turns out, the lead boats from PHRF 1 and PHRF 2 had already sailed their course and were finishing the same time the PHRF 4, Knaars and Folkboats were getting underway.
    The quickest elapsed time of PHRF1 was Hill Blacket's California Condor at 01:23:14, yet the corrected winner would be Dorian Mckelvy' J-111 Madmen by 13 seconds.
    David Halliwill's J120Peregrine would claim PHRF 2 with a corrected time of 01:34:02 edging out Hank Easom's Sabre Spirit 36' Serenade by 19 seconds.... And all the way
    from the back in PHRF 3, Gordie Nash's Yellow Mull/Nash Hybrid, Arcadia with an elapsed time of 01:25:21 and corrected time of 01:22:26... Good things happen to those who wait,
    and the wind filled in nicely for the PHRF 4, the Knaars and Folkboats, who would then sail a quick lap, mostly under 1 hour elapsed, with Maurice Quillen Canadian Sailcraft SNAFU winning PHRF 4 with a elapsed time of 00:51:16 and corrected time of 00:47:00! Corrected overall winner it appears! IN the Knarrs, John Jenkins NARCISSUS would take 1st and in the Folkboats, Chris Herrmann's Thea would claim another bullet.


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    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Additional imagery at no additional charge!

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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      You know you are not at hull speed when you get passed by an outrigger!


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        It actually turned out to be a great day.... Lots of sail changes and a quick trip up the mast.


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          This is what I miss out on, having the boat at Coyote Point.