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OFFICIAL YRA Announcement: Vallejo Race Postponed / Wheeler Regatta Cancelled

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  • OFFICIAL YRA Announcement: Vallejo Race Postponed / Wheeler Regatta Cancelled

    Unprecedented Times
    The current Covid-19 Public Health Crisis has had a profound impact on everyday life in America, and across the world. Almost no aspects of our lives have been spared, from our health, where and when we work, if we're able to work, and where our children are being schooled to the pursuit of our passions like sailing the storied waters of San Francisco Bay. Yacht Clubs have been closed and sailing events have been canceled around the world, including almost every upcoming event in the Bay Area.

    The YRA Racing season was scheduled to kick off on April 4th with the BYC Sponsored Wheeler Regatta, followed by the April 18th Lightship Race and then the Great Vallejo Race on April 25th & 26th. The April 4th Wheeler Regatta has been cancelled and the 2020 Great Vallejo Race is officially postponed until October 10th & 11th. We have yet to make a final decision on the April 18th Lightship Race but will be sure to let you know once a decision on that race has been made.

    April 4th - Wheeler Regatta - CANCELLED

    April 25th & 26th - The Great Vallejo Race -
    POSTPONED till October 10th & 11th

    It is our hope that with a strong commitment from all to following local and federal recommendations for managing this pandemic we will be able to put together an exciting YRA Racing Season later this year.

    Update from the USCG Regarding Marine Event Permits
    The YRA has been communicating with the USCG regarding upcoming regattas with a current marine event permit. We wanted to pass on the latest information they shared with us this morning. If you are an event organizer within a county with a current Shelter in Place order and have not canceled an event scheduled during the order please note that the county order supersedes your permit and essentially voids the USCG permit.

    If you are not in a county with a Shelter in Place order, or have an event scheduled within the next few weeks that has not been canceled, please note the additional information the USCG is requesting in order to keep the permit for your event in place.

    From the USCG, as of 3/18/20:

    The situation with COVID-19 had been developing and rapidly developing. Cities, Counties, and States within our USCG Sector San Francisco are developing Health Orders, to address the situation in the safest most appropriate way for their area. In order to ensure the most consistent/safe response we intend to permit our events in a manner that reflects local Health Orders. If you have questions on whether the nature of your event complies with Social Distancing, Shelter in Place, or other Health Orders. Please consult your local, or state Department of Health.

    Every Marine Event permit issued contains the following language, if an event fails to meet any Federal/State/Local laws, the permit becomes void.

    "Marine event sponsors are responsible for the safety of their events. This permit does not exempt the event sponsor or participants from any Federal, state, or local laws or regulations, including county no-wake zones. You may be required to obtain additional permits required by applicable Federal, state, and local municipalities. This permit does not grant permission to use any private property that may be impacted by your event without the consent of its owner. In addition please note that this permit does not allow closure of any navigable waterway or placement of unapproved buoys associated with your event."

    We are currently reviewing our permitted Marine Events against measure being put in place for COVID-19. Each potential Marine Event that plans on moving forward will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Some of the criteria we are looking at, are does the event comply with Health Orders? How would alterations to plans effect the proposed event? Is the event going to be held with equivalent safety to the originally planned event.

    1- Written confirmation/approval from your counties' Public Health Department.

    2- An explanation of how Social Distancing will be achieved during your event.

    3. How many participants in the event are over the age of 65.

    4. Are any of the participants of the events residents of counties with "Shelter in Place" orders.

    5. Please describe any proposed changes to the event from the original application.

    6. If changes are made to the event on account of Health Orders, please explain how the event will meet equivalent safety measures to the originally permitted event.

    Please contact the YRA if you are planning on going on with a previously scheduled/permitted event.

    Be Safe, follow your local and federal guidelines for social distancing, and trust that fair winds will blow our way again...

    Yacht Racing Association of San Francisco Bay
    1070 Marina Village Parkway, Ste 202-G
    Alameda, CA 94510
    415-771-9500 | 415-276-2378 - Fax | |
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    Damn, the liver always looked forward to the abuse to kick off the season.


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      I wonder if they'll nixx the Jazz Cup, then. Isn't that in the Fall as well? The SSS Vallejo 1-2 is in October. Maybe I'll be sailing to Vallejo on consecutive weekends.


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        Hopefully by Jazz Cup on Labor Day weekend this whole Covid-19 thing is in the rear view mirror. Who knows...

        We are taking it one week at a time for now. I would anticipate if there is any government order in place that the USCG will not approve our race permits.

        Maybe we will get to appreciate the folks on the east coast who don't get to sail for several months and then have to cram a season into just a few months.


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          Corona will not be happy and may cancel sponsorship