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  • Going Coastal Heads For Davey Jones Locker

    U.S. Coast Guard Station Monterey responded to a report of a 92-foot ship, Going Coastal, taking on water this afternoon. The Coast Guard transferred a crew member aboard to assist with dewatering the ship while escorting it toward Monterey Bay.

    A few hours into dewatering efforts, the flooding rate increased and a U.S. Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco Dolphin helicopter crew arrived on scene and deployed a rescue swimmer and second dewatering pump to assist.

    The Coast Guard had to rescue the Going Coastal crew approximately 9 miles south of Monterey Bay before the ship sank.

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    What a great name for a boat with a most unfortunate and tragic ending. Is it bad luck to steal the name of a boat that sunk? I mean, it's not like they're using the name anymore. Too soon? (asking for a friend)


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      I think we are all going coastal these days