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Velvet Hammer Trailer Stolen

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  • Velvet Hammer Trailer Stolen

    Team Velvet Hammer's support trailer was taken from the Richmond Yacht Club's boat lot over the weekend.
    Will Paxton sent out an urgent message on Saturday:

    STOP THIEF PLEASE HELP!! SHARE THIS POST PLEASE! I regret to report that early yesterday morning a thief drove into the Richmond YC storage yard and stole the equipment trailer for our J/125- Velvet Hammer. This is likely the same person who stole one of our chase boats a few weeks ago. There is an infuriating 15 minute video of them trying to get into the small boat yard and then unhurriedly checking out all the trailers before cutting the locks off ours and driving off that unfortunately didn't catch the plates. I think that based on their casual appearance and ease of movement that this person is familiar with our club and has likely been there before- Does anyone recognize that car?! As the boat is undergoing a refit the trailer was loaded with many sails, our standing rigging, emergency equipment, tools, lines... and so much more. We are gutted. Much of this custom gear is likely to be dumped in a ditch or on the side of the road somewhere so please keep your eyes peeled as we desperately hope that we can recover some of it! Trailer plate number is 4GV4322 for what its worth. (Updated to correct plate number.)

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    In some countries, they used to cut off digits of the offending thieves hands. Maybe that should be reinstated!


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      Hang em high!


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        Talk on the dock is that the trailer was found in Antioch, sans tools, but all the sails and rigging were left behind.


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          Delta meth heads?


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            Unless the vehicle was also stolen, probably not.


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              Tools are easy to hock...sails and rigging, not so much, ditto for the trailer itself.