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Ditch Run 2020: Rebel Romp In Bodaciaous Conditions

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  • Ditch Run 2020: Rebel Romp In Bodaciaous Conditions

    It would not be 2020 if it didn't blow. And damned if the official yearly sail to Stockton get cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic.
    And after several years of challenging conditions, the weather cooperated with aplomb. Wouldn't you just know it?

    A small band of sailors who will remain anonymous, decided that they would social distance themselves in a manner befitting
    the pent up demand to get out and sail! With no race management to take responsibility, the 20 or so boats departed a phantom
    start line somewhere in the 10:00 hour and headed east, the 66 or so nautical miles up river but down hill all the way.

    Breeze at the start was in the solid teens and increased signifigntly as the day wore on! By the time the boats passed Antioch,
    the high 20's and low 30s were the norm. Hull speeds in the mid teens were pegged across the board as well as carnage to match!

    "Fun day on the water for a romp up the river to Stockton - windiest trip EVER. Lots of carnage, boats finding themselves stuck in shallows, broken poles and a lot of ripped kites. We had moments of brilliance but struggled with the conditions near the end - diabolical nasty puffs coming off the levee and just flattening us... super fun."

    ~nobody important~

    NWS Weather Station @ Brannan Island Saturday June 6th

    The 1st boat to complete the course finished around 5:00 PM, and the rest of fleet not far behind.

    Tight reaching while hauling ass was the essence of the afternoon, with plenty of keels plowing through
    the soft mud of the San Joaquin, and miles of smiles and memories to be stored.

    There was no party waiting in Stockton. No BBQ. No Band. No race officials. No Mt Gay Rum drinks flowing from the Sailing Clubs
    bars. But the day was sublime, nonetheless. The participants would like to thank everyone involved, or not. It doesn't matter....
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Great for them!

    I missed the boat.

    "Honey Badger don't give a shit"


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      Wouldn't you know it!