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Gruntled Not Disgruntled At 2020 Moore 24 Nationals

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  • Gruntled Not Disgruntled At 2020 Moore 24 Nationals

    The 2020 edition of the Moore 24 Nationals was held over the weekend at the Richmond Yacht Club.
    7 Races in 3 days, ( 6 buoy races and a long distance) with 15 boat in attendance resulted in tight racing
    in hazy yet satisfying conditions with winds in the high teens to mid 20's

    Gruntled Crew: Claire Arbour, Simon Winer, Rob Dubuc and Bart Hackworth

    WIth the ongoing Pandemic as well as the ongoing wildfires creating terrible air quality around the region,
    as well as nervous homeowners concerned about possible evacuations, the number of participants was slightly on the low side for
    this vaulted celebration of all things Moore 24, yet did not diminish the competition or camaraderie.

    Team Gruntled sailed away with the title, their 7th time in their 22 year partnership, narrowly edging out
    Will Bayliss's Orca by a mere point, and it come down to the final race to decide the overall winner.
    Both Gruntled and Orca had 3 bullets on their scorecard and each had a 6th place throwout entering the final
    race, Orca would need a 2 point margin over Gruntled to tie, and a 3 point victory to win, and they were successful in
    achieving a 1st place finish in that last race, however, Gruntle would fight to the finish with a deuce and clinch the championship yet agian!

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    Looks like fun to me!