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  • A New Record The Wrong Way

    The easterly winds that whipped up flames and smoke across the western states provided a vehicle
    at least for some Shitz & Giggles for 3 locals from the Hood River Area to embark on a rare downhill AND downriver
    romp from Hood River to Cascade Locks. The 20/20 Challenge record was the desired target!

    Sean Doogie Couvreux, Andrew Estcourt and Spike climbed aboard Andy's 45 year old Moore 24'
    Nice One And waited for the pressure to build to just the right amount before launching'

    "It was a very rare set of easterly wind conditions. It's rare to have a strong easterly in hood river.
    We started in a massive 30 knot puff. It backed off a bit after that, then we started seeing plenty of solid 25-30 winds and over 30 for the last stretch.
    The last record was held by Bill Summerfield on his Express 27' Moxie in 2014. The record was 1 hour and 54 minutes and 38 seconds"

    So we are having a once in a 50 year weather pattern here in the Gorge. So Andrew Estcourt and myself thought it would be a good time to take on the 20/20 record attempt. The record is for fastest time between cascade locks and hood river. We asked Spike to join us as our third guy. We waited patiently for the wind to start building and then set off just before 3 pm from Hood River. We started in a massive 30 knot puff and it then moderated a bit further down the river. Towards the end were a few more very strong puffs. No wipeouts and solid breeze meant we can now claim the new record at 1:43:20.

    The 20/20 is a standing challenge for fastest time between the Hood River and Cascade Locks breakwaters. Course may be run in either direction at any time of year by any boat and with any number of crew.

    Start and finish times are to be recorded in Hood River when crossing the "old' Hood River Start Line between the light / sign on the west breakwater of the Hood River Harbor and the range board on the Washington Shoreline. Times in Cascade Locks shall be recorded when the CGRA flagpole and peak of the CGRA race shack roof align as a range. Be accurate and honest in your recording of time. All sails may be up prior to taking your start time and may remain up following taking your finish time.

    Trophy recognition shall be recorded for best time in the categories of Westabout and Eastabout. Non-keelboats shall be recorded as a separate class from keelboats

    (Current*) 20/20 Record Holder and history:
    Moxie, Bill Summerfield
    Elapsed Time: 1:54:38
    Record Set: 9/11/14

    Morjito, Doug Archbald
    Elapsed Time 2:00:49
    Record Set 11/3/10

    Monster Express, Ted Lohr
    Elapsed Time 2:14:14
    Record Set 11/3/10

    Lance Staughton, Symbiosis. - First to Run!

    Elapsed time 2:24:59
    Direction Run: East to West
    Max wind- E 33 knots
    Max speed - 9.2
    Record set 10/27/10
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Nice One guys!