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Sad End For A Yankee Dolphin

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  • IOR Geezer
    Looks like he tried to set the hook, but to no availe.
    The fenders are a nice touch.
    Hope nobody was harmed.

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  • Photoboy
    started a topic Sad End For A Yankee Dolphin

    Sad End For A Yankee Dolphin

    My boat neighbor. He was a brand new sailor but very gung-ho. This is a 24’ swing-keel Yankee Dolphin. Last time I saw him, he was at slip heading out and yelled, “which way do I turn the tiller in reverse?!” I told him and off he went into winds I would go into only if I were fleeing the law. Sailing on San Francisco Bay can make grown men wail and babies scream.

    When I saw his boat slip empty, I figured he moved to another marina - that is until I stumbled on this photo of his shipwrecked boat on the lee shore rocks of Treasure Island.
    I checked - there were no reports of missing sailors....

    Dwane Newton