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  • Going Rouge In The PNW

    Round the County may be cancelled, BUT...

    Yeah, COVID-19 sucks. Most of the big regattas this year were cancelled and now RTC is too. But that doesn't mean we can't go sailing around the San Juans in November! A rogue group of hardy sailors are planning to "cruise" the RTC course. Maybe we'll see you out there?

    the schedule
    Saturday, Nov. 7
    Start a clockwise cruise of San Juan County at Lydia Shoal. Use VHF 67 to chat with friends.

    Note your start time when you head south across an artificial line east of the Lydia Shoal buoy on latitude 48°35.98’N. Slower boats are encouraged to start earlier.

    Leave Blakely Island, James Island, Kellet Ledge, Davidson Rock, Colville Island, and Lopez Island to starboard.

    Note when you cross longitude 122° 53.656W off Iceberg Point on Lopez Island. This is 18.3 miles.

    Leave Long Island and San Juan Island to starboard.

    Note when you cross latitude 48°34.8’N coming into Mosquito Pass. This is 31.4 miles total.

    Plan to anchor in Wescott Bay, Garrison Bay, or Roche Harbor. The Roche Harbor marina is not accepting reservations, but may be open. Ditto on Friday Harbor Marina.
    Sunday, Nov. 8
    Continue a clockwise cruise starting off Battleship Island.

    Note your start time when you head north across an artificial line east of Battleship Island on latitude 48°37.5’N. Slower boats are encouraged to start earlier.

    Leave Danger Shoal buoy, Stuart Island, Waldron Island, Skipjack Island and Patos Island to starboard.

    Note when you cross longitude 122° 58.280W North of the Patos Lighthouse. This is 17.14 miles.

    Leave Clements Reef Buoy, Clements Reef, Matia Island, Clark Island, Sisters and Orcas Island to starboard.

    Note when you finish your cruise by crossing latitude 48°35.98’N between Orcas and the Lydia Shoal buoy. This is 34.3 miles total.

    Visit to submit your times for comparison with other cruisers. Comparisons will be based on total elapsed time across both days, corrected by PHRF rating.

    legal stuff
    This is NOT a race or even an organized event. You are on your own, so embrace your inner rogue-ness and be safe and responsible on your cruise. Follow COLREGS (not RRS) and have the appropriate safety gear on board. Monitor Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) channels 5A (Seattle) and 11 (Victoria) as appropriate and be whale wise. Please respect all state and San Juan County COVID restrictions.
    Entries thus far:

    Boat name Boat type PHRF rating
    Dash J/99 75
    Hravn J/109 69
    Time Bandit J/120 54
    Keet J/33 93
    Neptune's Car SC70 -75
    Kinetic J/105 93
    REIVER Reliance 37 174
    Poke & destroy evelyn 32-2 93
    Blade Runner SC 27 156
    Ricochet San Juan 28 198
    Lodos J/109 69
    MARTHA Staysail schooner 111
    Sjöjungfrun Catalina 400 mkii 145
    Zen No Zen II Sabre 426 81
    Kyrnos Custom Barnett 56 3
    White Wing Barnett 47 Custom 48
    Hamachi J/125 -3
    Innamorata Islander Peterson 40 99
    Vamoose J120 54
    Heron II J-120 51
    Bella Hanse 455 66
    Sir Isaac Custom Schooner 93
    Secret beaver Schock 40 -9
    Incognito Catamaran 27
    Alsek Quest 30 93
    Coho Farr 44 45
    Solution J/35 72
    Endangered Species Guzzwell 30 120
    Nawalak Roberts 54 249
    Hideaway Oceanis 55 63
    Raku J/111 48
    Akari II Dufour 38 126
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery