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The 3 Bridge Fiasco Goes Single Handed Only For 2021

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  • The 3 Bridge Fiasco Goes Single Handed Only For 2021

    Three Bridge Fiasco Race Update: After discussing and considering the current Covid-19 situation & compliance with the Regional Stay-At-Home Order, the SSS board has decided to change the upcoming Three Bridge Fiasco race to Singlehanded-ONLY and will not have a Doublehanded division. The decision was reached by taking into consideration the risks for the needed additional race committee personnel as well as issues with having boats race with mixed households onboard. Additionally, there will be a limitation of 125 entries. As we look forward to running our traditional, well attended Singlehanded and Doublehanded remaining races in 2021, no definitive decision can be made regarding DH entries in future races. That will be evaluated based on the state of COVID restrictions in place at that time.

    Registration is now opened for the Three Bridge Fiasco:
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    Well, it isn't the double handed sailing society, is it?


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      Open 8.5m, Mama Tried, leg to the finish at Golden Gate YC, 1st to Finish Multihull


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        Results posted!

        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

 Photo Gallery


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          Originally posted by Photoboy View Post
          Results posted!


          J/70, sail 534, 1FA

          1st to finish Monohull (?)





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            A Bridge Too Far?

            The annual SSS 3 Bridge Fiasco, Pandemic Edition, returned to it's roots over the weekend, most due to the recent
            SIP regulations, was opened only to single handed competitors. The reason being, the SSS board members decided a smaller regatta would
            be better than no regatta. If you have been paying attention, the races usually draws well north of 300 entries, and the vast majority double handed.
            Originally conceived for single handed sailors, the numbers of those, percentage wise has been dwindling over the years and the SSS thought 125 entries
            would be more than enough. Boy were they wrong! After the announcement of open entries, the regatta sold out in a big hurry and had a lengthy standby

            Image © Annelies Pieters-Kwiers was on hike on Angel Island and snapped this image with boats exiting
            Raccoon Strait and off towards the light air bubble at Red Rock

            With a series of storms hitting the SF Bay in the week prior, the forecast for Saturday improved and when the day broke, conditions
            were glorious, with a sun cloud mix, a nice flood and gentle south westerly to get things going! The fleet would split, as they are likened to do,
            and optimism ran high. Things would get warmer and sunnier and, well a little less windy and ghosting was an understatement for a while!
            But as you will see, good things come to those who wait, and indeed they did!

            Trevor Baylis borrowed Randy Miller's Open 8.5 trimaran, Mama Tried and sailed it counter clockwise to a
            overall victory with a 15:24:19 finish time!

            Scott Sellers sailed his J-70 IFA to a 1st to finish monohull victory as well as sportboat division win in a CCW fashion 15:37:21 time stamp

            A quick ride to Red Rock proved futile for for many clockwise sailors, Rufus Sjoberg and his M-24 Rufless was one of many
            which ended up in a light air bubble that held on for sometime. A easterly Zephyr would eventually ease the pain before the westerly finally
            filled in around 3:00 PM. Rufus denies any project involving him and carbon Moore 24's underway!

            Nicolas Popp is a social animal and usually has a number of crew aboard his SunFast 3600 Invictus during most regattas,
            however, as of late, short handing has been on the menu, due to COVID 19 restrictions. This was his 1st 3 Bridge Fiasco going solo a,d did quite
            well in a challenging division, taking 3rd in the tough, 15 boat Division 5, missing out on 2nd by a minute and a 1/2!

            Paul Sutcheck has come along in strides over the years and now with a new set of sails, an outboard that works and one of those fancy
            self steering sticks was well out in front when we caught up to him. However, the Red Rock wind bubble and the remaining flood sent him
            and his Cal 20 Slainte out of the running and east of the San Rafael Bridge for a lengthy timeout. He did battle back and work his way up to 6th in division 9,
            when many might have tossed in the towel!

            There was a bit of a renegade regatta going on and 5 or 6 J-24's ran their own fiasco, double handed, starting and finishing out of the RYC.
            We don't know the names of these spunky lasses but they seemed to be having an enjoyable day!

            Speaking of going Rouge, Ryan Nelson did not get the message that the West Coast Mini Movement ended a couple years back,
            and has taken on the challenge of learning the boasts nuances and challenges. Unclear if there are long term or offshore goals on the horizon!

            New to the bay, the SC 27 Wolpertinger (google it) is Philip Strause's new ride which he shares with his lady. In a fine display of seamanship.
            Philippe performed a rescue of a MOB during the race, the details of which are not known at this time

            IMAGE GALLERY

            " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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              SSS discriminates, where is the outrage?