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YRA Great Vallejo Race 2021: Worth The Wait!

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  • YRA Great Vallejo Race 2021: Worth The Wait!

    The postponed 2021 Vallejo Race was held in mid August for the 1st time in memory, which was better late than never,
    just like this report. Usually held over or close to Memorial Day and has been the official unofficial kickoff to the YRA's Party Circuit...
    Last year, it was cancelled all together due to the pandemic, so the return of this downhill jaunt to the Napa River was welcomed anytime!
    The 78 registered boats were greeted with a robust sea breeze and a matching flood, resulting a a very fast downhill run to Vallejo, unclear if any records were
    set, however a a collective group, and the final finish a mere 03:19:08 elapsed, It would be a total surprise if this edition was not the fastest overall!

    Ruffless: Rufus Sjoberg's mini Evil Clown Boat had a 02:13:22 elapsed and a 02:16:44 corrected to claim
    1st overall

    Arsenel: Andrew Picel's J-125 set the pace and was 1/2 up San Pablo Bay before the Red Snapper could catch up!
    02:05:20 elapsed gave them Line Honors but the corrected value was a tad further down the pecking order...

    Azure: Rodney Pimental's gorgeous Cal 40' would take 1st in PHRF 3 with a 02:26:33 elepsed and a 02:23:28 corrected

    Ahi: Andy Newell's Santana 35' sporting a new main which was delivered just a couple days before the race!

    Frisky: Dale Scoggin's Open 5.70 blasting across San Pablow Bay, with daughter Sasha grinning ear to ear!

    Nice Rack: Zhenya Kirueshkin-stepano's Martin 243 looking good and was only 9 minutes off Rufless's pace!

    Gypsy Lady: Val Clayton's Cal 34 Mk 1, looking well trimmed with a happy vibe as they passed!

    Pearl: Charlotte Hegle's J80 enjoying the ride!

    Pendragon: Ed Hoff's Custom Davidson 44' looking Mahvelous!

    Windwalker: Margaret Mykland's Islander 36' took 2nd in PHRF 4

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