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Merlin's Magical Mystery Tour Begins West Coast Return

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  • Merlin's Magical Mystery Tour Begins West Coast Return

    The Mother of all things Sled is back on the west coast, for what appears to be an extended stay!
    Bill Lee's original downhill surfing sled has entered the building after an east coast romp and is planning on
    putting her through the paces with hopes for miles of smiles in her home waters where she accelerates.

    Boat captain Brian Malone explains: "We completed the majority of east coast objectives, many of those included far too many
    uphill legs, so it was time to bring her back where she belongs"

    Owner Bill Merlin will also be on hand for this years BBS, after a scheduling conflict eliminated his participation last time they competed
    here in San Francisco...

    Last Sunday, Merlin took a tune up shake down with local sailors and guests. A typical San Francisco Bay
    Day, with a fresh breeze and a sun fog mix. It was Captain Brian's 1st trip outside the gate on Merlin, a voyage long
    overdue. A quick rid to Point Diablo, set the kite and peg the fun meter! As the keel sang, Merlin accelerated and the
    grins grew large! 22 knots with 4-5 gybes and the old girls dashed down the central bay to Treasure Island went by in rapid fashion!

    Merlin's published crew list:

    Theresa Brandner Group 1 USA
    Akira Bratti Headsail Trimmer Group 1 USA
    Doug Grant Spinnaker trimmer Group 1 USA
    John Hayes Group 1 USA
    Chad Howard Medic/Doctor USA
    Miro Kaffka Other Group 1 USA
    Beckett Kern Switch Flipper Group 1 USA
    Ryan Kern Headsail Trimmer Group 1 USA
    Karen Loutzenheiser Pit Group 1 USA
    Brian Malone Cat 3 Cooler Jockey Group 3 USA
    Chip Merlin Group 1 United States
    Orlando Montalvan Group 1 USA
    John Pytlak Mast Group 1 USA
    Michael Rohde Bow Group 1 USA
    Kip Wanaselja Bow Group 1 USA
    Chris Watts Main Trimmer Group 1 USA
    Hannah Weymuller Floater Group 1 USA

    Merlin will compete in ORR B, a fleet loaded with talented sailors and fast boats, including 2 Rogers 46's, 2 J-125's,
    2 Melges 32's, A fast 40' and and IC 37... Vegas odd's makers are still calculating and crunching numbers to see if the is a
    corrected favorite...

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery