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A Warm Gathering Of Wahines In The South Bay

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  • A Warm Gathering Of Wahines In The South Bay

    Saturday October brought very pleasant conditions to the Northern California area, with bright, clear skies,
    very warm temperatures and events aplenty in the sailing realm of things.
    The only thing lacking was the normal westerly which usually prevails on the San Francisco Bay

    AP's were posted throughout the region and some crews and race committee's waited out the northerly offshores, which usually dissipate
    by late morning, allowing the marine influence to take command. On the South Bay, the SBYC was hosting their 9th edition of the Red Bra Regatta,
    a women's only event ( aside from a few token male RC members)

    With 20 boats registered for the 12:30 PM start, a two race affair, there was energy a plenty but a distinct lack of wind to propel the fleet.
    That did not seem to dampen the spirits of the contestants, and most enjoyed the afternoon temps and glorious sunshine while time slipped
    past... By 3:00pm a few boats had sauntered off but the vast majority were still on hand when the 1st signs of breeze appeared

    The race committee quickly readjusted the course before the 4:00 PM deadline and just like that, there was a race!

    The 17 remaining boats, divided into 3 divisions got their boats into race mode and enjoyed the pleasant light breeze and flat seas and tranquil
    lighting and they managed to squeeze in 1 race, a 2 lap sausage to salvage the day!

    In Spinnaker PHRF 120 and below, Anja Bog and her crew on the Pogo 36' FEROX led the parade from start to finish, and corrected out with near 4 minutes to spare
    to claim 1st over Kate Molitor's J-105 Sharkey

    In Spinnaker PHRF 121 and above, things were a tad tighter, with Joan Byrne's Olson 30 Heart of Gold edging out Marcia Bever's Catalina 30' HUGE

    And finally, the non-spinnaker division was won by Alice Shinn and her crew on her Laser 28' Sonata with 4m 14 s corrected victory ove Donna Estrin's Ericsson 32' Joint Adventure

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