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King Tides and Sunshine Served Up At Manuel Fagundes Soup Buffet

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  • Slackwater_SF
    IOD sail #82 Youngster w/masthead spin


    IOD sail# 82 - finish area


    Farr 52 Zamazaan - finish area


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  • Slackwater_SF
    2021 GGYC 50th Manuel Fagundes Seaweed Soup Regatta

    A few pictures trail below of the GGYC Mid-Winter race #2 from Saturday, Dec. 4th 2021

    Race 2 results are on (LINK)

    The start sent boats towards the Golden Gate bridge in lighter winds. The king tide helped the ebb start early. The wind picked up from the Gate after the starts finished.

    Synergy 1000, Sapphire sail 38008



    Knarr fleet

    DSC00928_DxO_5500 by Slackwater_SF, on Flickr

    Folkboat, Nordic Star sail 107

    DSC00941_DxO_6500 by Slackwater_SF, on Flickr

    IOD La Paloma sail 164

    DSC00994_DxO_5500 by Slackwater_SF, on Flickr

    Olson 25, Dona Mae sail 18341

    DSC01094_DxO_6500 by Slackwater_SF, on Flickr

    Knarrmageddon, sail 115


    Melges 32 Nukelavee, J/120 Mr. Magoo


    Frers 40, Jeannette


    Santa Cruz 37 Wild Card


    Flickr Album 2021 LINK

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  • King Tides and Sunshine Served Up At Manuel Fagundes Soup Buffet

    Saturday's 2nd Manuel Fagundes Seaweed Soup was held over the weekend with suprisingly
    blue skies and warm temperatures, light ENN to NNW breeze and the biggest king tide that went from a 7.1 high
    at 10:30 dropping to a minus 1.7 at 17:23, resulting in a massive ( for this area anyways) ebb of 4.8 at 1500hrs

    The course for PHRF 01-03 was the 6.1nm ride from the start at GGYC, to Blackaller, back east to Blossom
    then finish at GGYC.

    For divisions 04-07, the 3.4nm Course 1 was chosen: Start at GGYC, west to Blackaller and then climb uphill to Ft Mason then finish

    As you might imagine the conveyor ride in the east to west direction was more current derived than wind driven,
    and the climb back east was a slow motion struggle making vmg numbers less than impressive!

    The fastest elapsed time for course 3 was Mark Kennedy's Melges 32' Nuckelavee, completing the reachy lap in 01:50:47
    a 44 minute corrected advantage over 2nd place Div 01 boat, Dorian Mckelvy's J-111 Madmen, and plenty of time to spare
    over Div 02's winner, Dave MacEwen's J-90 Lucky Duck and Gordie Nash's Div 03 winner, Arcadia

    In Div 04, the two IOD's, Jim Hennefer's La Paloma, narrowly (comparatively) beat Ron Young's Youngster by 30 seconds,

    Vincent Armando's Knaarmageddon won the Knaar's division and James Vernon's Faith took the Folkboat division!

    All images by Slackwater