75 boats in 10 divisions braved the elements and heinous conditions over the MLK Holiday weekend, for the 1st edition of the 2022
Corinthian Yacht Clubs annual party circuit midwinters. With an early morning warning issued for a potential tsunami from an underground volcano
explosion in the Kingdom of Tonga, a near full moon ebb on tap and north northeast winds gusting to the low teens, the brave sailors departed the security of their respective
harbors and ventured out into the great unknown....

With the starting area off Knox, the RC worked diligently to get the tackle set and establish courses appropriate to the the conditions,
with the outgoing tide conspiring to take things out the gate and making windward progress a challenge. For Saturday's race, the crews in
PHRF 1-4, that meant a bit of an uphill climb to the Sausalito Entrance Buoy, then a rather quick jaunt down down to Yellow Bluff before turning east and reaching
eastward to YRA "8", east of Point Blunt then back to the Knox area finish line...

With the waters in the bay experiencing the effects of the tsunami, judging the velocity and direction of the currents was and adventure,
swirling eddies and contrary flows made navigation a tad more of a challenge, and the heavy ebb at Yellow Bluff gave crews a good workout,
attempting to round efficiently...

In the end Greg Dorn's Dehler 46 Favonius edged Greg Mullin's Farr 52 Zamazaan in PHRF 1
Dorian McKlevy's J-111 MadMen cruised to easy win over sister ship, Reuben Rocci's Swift Ness in PHRF 2
Tim Russell's Ne*Ne bested Elliot James's Roxanne in the J-105 division
David Halliwill's J-120 Peregrine took PHRF 3 by 2 seconds elapsed time over Richard Garman's J-124 Good Call
Uncle Hank sailed his Sabre Spirit Serenade to a comfortable 8:18 corrected win over Easom Rigging's J-100 Eightball
In PHRF 5, a marathon was won by Joan Byrne's Olson 911 Heart Of Gold in decidedly sizable fashion, a near 7:00 elapsed victory over Bob Walden's Cal 39 Sea Star
In the E-27 heavy PHRF 6, It was John Sutaks Etchells 27 White Jacket eeking out a 5 second 1st over John Kearney's Express 27 Salty Hotel
Wilson Partridge's Lady Bug took the 4 boat Cal 20 division
Glenn Isaacson's Daysailor "Q" was victorious in Non Spin 1 by a 4:45 margin over J-35 Jarlen
And last, but not least Non Spin 2 bragging rights were claimed by Carl Flemming's Taren 10 Topgallant

Saturday Results

Sunday Results