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249 And Counting... The 3 Bridge Fiasco Is Upon Us!

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  • 249 And Counting... The 3 Bridge Fiasco Is Upon Us!

    If you are not signed up, then best get on it!:

    Sailing Instructions

    Currents for the City Front From 09:00 to 15:00

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    Currents At Red Rock

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      Currents At Treasure Island

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        * Please Note*
        Some dunderhead whose name shall not be disclosed, grabbed files from the 30th... NOT the 29th!
        Will repair on Tuesday!

        All FIXED!!!

        Carry on then!
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          Skirting The Yerba Buena Wind Shadow

          Some selects from the SSS 3 Bridge Fiasco, featuring the mass of boats attempting to scoot around Yerba Buena Island
          with a gentle breeze and the beginnings of a roaring ebb

          Boats had to sail well over the wind shadow of the island to allow for the current reverse treadmill action,
          more than a few had to jibe several times to accomplish the task....

          Plenty of images to sift through... working diligently.... hang on!

          " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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            2022 is shaping up to be the year of The DNF'ers!


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              I think was the safest to finish route, and a potential path for winning if the Westerly filled early (as in the models)


              I thought was riskier, but the way to win the race.

              We took the first option and were happy with our choice given our start time, we really wanted to get around RR quickly.

              The bay felt completely different sailing on a Northerly.... RR became Alcatraz, the way we were short tacking up the Eastern shore.... too close for comfort. From TI to Alcatraz on a single tack, and effectively riding the ebb from Alcatraz to Blackaller, that flood on the shore by the pier was magical otherwise it was a guaranteed flush out the Gate. The hole between Blackaller and the finish would have been frustrating had we not been able to pick over a dozen boats in that leg.

              Happy day on the spear...


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                2022 3 Bridge Fiasco : Surviving The King Tides And Dropping Windspeeds

                303 boats registered for the 2022 Single Handed Sailing Societies annual epic of confusion, fun, personal challenges and
                a bit of in most cases teamwork, that being double handed and all.

                The dawn broke with promise, as the clear skies and chilly north east winds filled the bay, which was coincidently in King Tides mode,
                making reading the tea leaves that are the currents very critical.

                The savvy sailors know that red is fast, and even faster when wet, as illustrated above!

                Weaver And Gutoff dropping some early Stank Eye on the pack as they round Yerba Buena as lead dogs

                Blue skies, crisp chilly air from the north and a raging ebb great the CCW fleet as the pass under the Bay Bridge

                After the 1st start at 0900, teams broke into two major camps, those heading directly to Red Rock and those choosing the counter clockwise direction,
                that being Yerba Buena 1st. It should be noted that the winds at the start area off the Golden Gate Yacht Club slowly backed off, making getting underway, and even greater
                challenge for the late starters. The direction of the wind also played a factor as the pressure was amplified as it was squeezed between the city and it massive skyscrapers
                and Yerba Buena's natural mass.

                All in all, a mere 62 boats managed to succeed in finishing this edition of the 3 Bridge Fiasco, with Moore 24's, Express 27 and PHRF 108 and lower making up the majority
                of successful circumnavigations of the bay this particular day!

                Team Invictus are also member of the Red Is Fast camp!

                Going semi undercover, Motorcycle Irene would use the direct to Red Rock then Yerba Buena route to
                win this edition of the 3 Bridge Fiasco

                Deathspear, makes a rare appearance. After a short residency in Iowa, team Jetstream has returned to racing on the bay!

                With the ebb slowly increasing as the morning progressed, and the wind gradually faded, it was critical to get at least one of the islands in the rear view mirror.
                Easier said than done, and in both cases, a wide berth at both locations was needed to pass, and lots of suspended animation was in play. As it would be revealed later,
                the direct to Red Rock course proved the fastest, with Dave Liebenberg and Julia Paxton sailing the Express 27' [I]Motorcycle Irene[/IMG] to a decisive 1st to finish victory, taking the checkered
                flag at 15:26:37 ahead of Dave Hodges and John Kernot aboard the Farr 38' Timberwolf who's time of 15:54:25 made them the only two boats to finish before 16:00hrs

                As the afternoon progressed, the breeze backed off, before switching to a more westerly direction, and strongest in the central bay

                Happiness is when they allow you to forward of the mast!

                Red Rock was a magnet for this red boat, Bombora was unable to escape the rocks tractor beam,
                and with 4 plus knot of ebb and decreasing breeze, the early attempts to get her off, proved futile.
                They were extracted by Tow Boat USA later in the afternoon, and taken to KKMI were the good news is the keel
                damage was largely superficial!

                Not everybody can make a boat named Snot-Rocket


                Photo Galleria!
                " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

       Photo Gallery