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A Wabbit Podium Trifecta!

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  • A Wabbit Podium Trifecta!

    Erik Menzel aboard his Wylie Wabbit Bad Hare Day was the overall winner at Sunday's
    RYC Big Daddy Pursuit Race but was far from being the only Wabbit Winner

    Melinda Erkelens allowed her hubby Bill to play on their Wabbit, Jack, which took 2nd.
    Bill, just back from France, was jet lagged and suffering from excessive fromage intake
    was apologetic about holding Melinda back, saying "I guess that I don't know Jack"

    Marco McGee, somewhat new to the fleet, took 3rd on Just A Hare

    Additionally, Colin Moore aboard his Wabbit Kwazy took 4th and Christine Dubuc on here Wabbit Bear came in 6th!

    Out of a fleet of 100 monhulls, THAT is an impressive bunny showing!

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    Through The Wabbit Hole: The 2022 RYC Big Daddy Pursuit Race

    Chris and Denise Kramer on their Alerion 28' Sweet De exiting Raccoon Strait in the correct direction

    Sunday's RYC Big Daddy Regatta Pursuit Race attracted 100 monhulls and 5 multihulls to the annual rounding of
    Angel Island and Alcatraz. With a weather system exiting the area, a chilly but nice North Westerly combined with a building ebb
    that saw the vast majority of the fleet choosing the counter clockwise route, from South Hampton, through Raccoon Strait, south
    to Alcatraz and then a beeline to the finish off Richmond.

    A few boats opted for the clockwise route, which looked good for the 1st hitch yet quickly faded hopes as those boat approached
    Point Knox and the outrushing waters surging out of Raccoon Strait

    Bruce Monro's Alerion 28' Last Dance was 1st CW boat to Alcatraz, yet the outgoing ebb proved
    a roadblock for boats swimming uphill through Raccoon Strait

    The Cal 20' Can o' Whoopass, leads the fleet of CCW boats around Alcatraz, but ran out of gas on the home stretch

    Don's let their mild mannerism's fool you, Wabbits can be merciless

    It was a very quick race, all in all with the majority of boats finishing in under 2 hours and nary an anchor needing to be deployed
    or running lights required to finish. Ah, daylight savings time, the time of year that deprives us of an hours sleep, but rewards us
    with additional time outside to play after work!

    The Chinese Lunar Calendar may call this The Year of The Tiger, but the Big Daddy Pursuit Calendar clearly had The Year of the Wabbit
    ensconced on it's documentation, as the 1st 4 boats were all Wabbits, with the 6th also being a Wabbit named Bear, with only a Melges
    20 interfering with a perfect top 5.

    To wit:

    1st Bad Hare Day 126 Kim Wabbit Erik Menzel RYC

    2nd Jack 126 North Coast Yachts Wylie Wabbit William Erkelens RYC

    3rd Just a Hare 126 North Coast Yachts Wylie Wabbit Marcos McGee RYC

    4th Kwazy 126 North Coast Yachts Wabbit Colin Moore Richmond

    5th MiniMax 111 Melges Melges 20 Lance Kim RYC

    6th Bear 126 North Coast Yachts Wabbit Christine Dubuc Richmond YC

    The undeniable sound of a clutch of Wabbits charging

    John Aren's J-109 Reverie does a close up inspection of grout work on The Rock's south side

    Buzz Blackett's i'o preparing to reel in some less fortunate boats

    The Mahoney Bro's Tartan 101 Story Maker, Nicco Popp's Sunfast 3600 Invictus and Cindy Lou's Alerion 38 Another Girl
    enjoying each others company...

    The Big Evil Clown Boat tuning up for some offshore mischief

    Pegasus, the Lewis Bro's Newland 360 doing a close flyby

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    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery