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A Mystery Unfolding In Loreto, Baja California

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  • A Mystery Unfolding In Loreto, Baja California

    Loreto (California) - The undersecretary of Civil Protection of Baja California Sur, has sought help in locating Bill Austin, captain of the catamaran "The Cat", who was found abandoned on the shore of the sea yesterday morning north of Nopolos.

    Authorities were informed of the abandoned ship. When reviewing, they only found on board a puppy, but not the captain of this yacht that had left the port of San Carlos, Sonora, heading to La Paz and scale in the northern part of Isla del Carmen in the area known as Roca Pintada.

    Shaylyn Austin, said her father had left since Monday heading to the capital of Baja California Sur and asks for information if anyone made contact within the indicated time span.
    Bill Austin's search brigades have already been formed, where the Secretary of the Navy is also involved.
    Information from the PericĂș Collective

    San Carlos Sonora Residents FB Group

    Latest Update 11:00 am PST, March 14): A couple reported talking to him in Punta San Basilio Wednesday morning. We also have a sighting confirmed in San Bruno on Thursday by photos in which his boat visible in the background. A plane search along the coastline between Punta San Basilio and San Bruno this morning (pictured) did not see him. It is possible that he went for help on land, and we are now focusing search efforts further inland in that same area. The search teams are grateful for any tips or info anyone can provide!! Every little bit helps. Thank you all
    Hello, my dad Bill Austin was recently staying near San Carlos with his sail boat, The Cat. He was last seen on Monday, leaving San Carlos for La Paz. His boat was found today beached in Loreto (pictured). We're looking for anyone who might have information, especially if you saw him or spoke to him since Monday. Please message me if you have any information or know someone who might. Thank you for your help.
    We have contacted the local authorities and a captain in Loreto is leading a search party. If you are in that area and are able to help, please message me. Thank you.

    ~Shaylyn Austin~

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