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2022 OYRA Lightship

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  • 2022 OYRA Lightship

    Sunny skys, a lumpy sea welcomed crews to the OYRA Season Opener, the dash out the Gate to the Lightship, er Entrance Buoy
    and back. Riding a 3 plus knot ebb out and mostly neutral tide back in, the fleet made quick work of the race course, with the 1st boat,
    David Schumanns Bottle Rocket finishing before 2:00 PM and the fleet mostly done by 3

    Andrew Hamilton's Donovan 30 Wolfpack enjoyed a decisive win in PHRO 2
    Crew:Stephen Kleha, Michele Sumpton, Pete Trachy, Ian Liek

    Viva, Donald Jesberg's Cal 40 with it's rockstar crew, Stan Honey, Jonathan Livingston, Sally Honey, John Bonds, William Buchan
    survived a near bumper boat incident with a unaware cruiser just outside the gate to take PHRO 3 and bragging rights over
    other 3 Cal 40's , Green Buffalo and Duende

    Bottle Rocket, David Schumann,'s Seacart 30' with all-star team of Trevor Baylis, Paul Allen, Julia Paxton, completed the course in 02:40:46 ​​to take line honors and the multihull division

    Stephen Lewis,'s Newland 36' Pegasus nipped Mark Dowdy's Sapphire on corrected by 31 seconds to take PHRO 1B
    Pegasus Crew: Nick Halmos, Patrick Lewis, Joel Hulse

    Andrew Picel's J-125 Arsenal Takes PHRO 1A, fending off Rufus Sjoberg's sistership Rufless by 59 seconds elapsed!
    Crew:Jim Murphy, Joe Krzeminski, Sebastian Gomez Biggeri, Ian Rogers, Jessica Brownlow, Chris Sherrard, Derek Gregg, Dylan Maney, Mike Stevens

    The Dynamic Duo aboard the Antrim 27 Carbon Edition iO , Hill Blackett & James Antrim enjoyed a very comfortable corrected and elapsed victory in the shorthanded division

    Destin, Surprise, Adrenelin in a drag race to the gate!

    Sapphire , Mark Dowdy's Synergy 1000, looking good after a refurbishing and a new outfit! Crew: Chris Chapman, Zachary Miller, Victor Piltch, Michael Maloney, Valerie Bucholtz, John Kernot, Adam Bucholtz

    Timo Bruck's J-120 Twist leads a pack of north side aficionados

    Steve Gordon's J-88 Inconceivable chases Memo Gidley's Elliot 10 Basic Instinct , and would later overtake!


    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery