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Some Selects From 2022 BAMA DH Farallones

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  • Some Selects From 2022 BAMA DH Farallones

    Greyhound, Evan McDonald's Farrier F22 with crew George Kiskaddon

    Moore 24 SNAFU, with Karl Robrock and Joel Turmel

    Spindrift, Andy Schwenky-Dank's Express 37' with crew Mike Schiltz discussing their strateregy for world domination

    Looking Good, SNAFU, Tiki Blue Greyhound and Nancy

    Andrew Scott and Gordon Nash Aboard F27 Papillon would have the fastest time around the Stinky Rocks, with an elapsed time of 06:15:45!

    Pre race gathering of the tribe

    Tim Codrey & David Hodges on Dave's Farr 38' Timber Wolf

    Erica Mattson Siegel and John Robinson Jeffers on Erica's Moore 24 Accelerando

    Michael Mitchell and Harbrinder Kang aboard the Tartan 4100 Roxanne


    Gallery 2022 BAMA DH Farallones - h2oshots
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